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Elizabeth's alarm woke her up around 6:30 to begin getting ready for school. She felt miserable, she didn't get hardly enough sleep because of the nightmares. The others were already awake and ready in the common room other than Hermione who was sitting on her bed reading a book. She glanced up and saw her awake and smiled.

"Sleep okay, Beth?" Hermione asked politely.

"Yes." She lied.

"That's good, now get ready, we have about 30 minutes until breakfast." Elizabeth nodded and got out of her four poster bed and collected her robes from her bag. After getting them she went to the bathroom and took a quick shower, then got dressed in her robes. For shoes she wore black boots and black socks. She left her hair down with her natural waves. She put on the smallest amount of mascara and a little lip gloss. After which she grabbed her back and made sure she had everything and was ready to go.

"I'm ready Mione!"

"Okay lets go down."

They walked down to the common room together and Harry's eyes lit up at seeing the girl. Ron quickly went and hugged her to which she was desperate to return. She was definitely a hugger. Fred and George were still asleep but they told Ron to tell Elizabeth good luck, since they didn't have a morning class.

Harry came walking up behind them.

"Good morning Bee and Hermione." He says to both to them. Elizabeth smiles and hugged him.

"Good morning Haz!" She said excitedly. Harry blushed and hugged her back. The blush went unnoticed to Ron but Hermione saw and subtly raised an eyebrow at him

"Ready for breakfast guys?" Ron asked.

They all nodded and made their way down to breakfast.

They sat at their usual spot at the Gryffindor table eating their breakfast and drinking tea or pumpkin juice.

"Guys we should head to potions." Hermione said while glancing at her watch.

"Okay..." Elizabeth was super nervous, She always heard Ron complain about the potions teacher but she decided not to judge to quickly.

The boys just nodded, they all picked up their bags and made their way to potions, Ron and Elizabeth stayed near the walls so that she only had Ron on her side. With Harry in front of her and Hermione in front of him leading the way.

As they were nearing the potions classroom a certain other blonde decided to mess with the golden trio.

"Hey, Lil!" Draco shouted while he was leaning against the potion room door. Ron, Hermione, and Harry all had confused looks on their faces. They all were wondering who Lil was. Elizabeth momentarily forgot they were in a crowded hallway and eagerly went to say hi back as they walked closer.

"Hey Dragon!" She said with a wave. Ron, Hermione, and Harry's eyes popped out and their mouths dropped. Especially Ron's. Elizabeth moves around The Trio and ran and have him a hug. He was shocked at first as he hasn't been hugged much but hugged back tightly and lifted her off the floor a little, she giggled as he put her down.

"How are you Lil?"

"I'm good, How are you?" She asked going back to her quiet voice.

"I'm good as well." He winked at her.

"Well I should go in, see you in there." Draco says after smirking at the trio.

The trio approached her, still gawking from the scene.

"Malfoy? When did you meet him?" Ron questioned trying not to scare her at the same time.

"Last night, he came after me when I ran outside of the great hall." She replied sheepishly.

"And what-"

"Let's just go in." Hermione said worrying as they were going to be late.

Hermione dragged them in and they took their seats. Ron wanted to sit by Elizabeth but he also wanted to sit with Harry as he has been but Harry let him go with her.

Soon thereafter Snape came strutting in with his flowy black robes swishing behind him.

"As a reminder I am not here as your friend...I will teach you how to bewitch your senses... and capture the mind... This year I will be choosing your seats based on some... incidents." The whole class groaned but stopped the second Snape glared.

"The seating chart is as follows..

Longbotton ...Brown

And a very long time later...

Weasley... Potter

Thomas... Granger

And Malfoy... Weasley."

Everyone waited for him to say they were allowed to move until some raised their hand.

"Yes Ms.Weasley?" Snape drawled but without any distaste.

"I'm terribly sorry Professor, I was wondering what Weasley goes where?" She asked in a quiet voice.

To everyone they were expecting Snape to snap at her and Ron was prepared to defend his sister but to everyone's surprise he simply softened and answered her question.

"Mr.Weasley is with Potter and you, Ms.Weasley are with Malfoy."

"Thank you professor." She replied thankfully. She was sad she wasn't with Harry for reasons she didn't know but she was glad to see her friend.

"Now you may move." Snape said and people picked up their stuff to move to their partners.

Elizabeth moved to Draco who was sitting towards the back of the classroom with a small smile on his face.

"Hi Dragon!" She said excitedly but still quiet.

"Hello, Lil. I'm glad your my partner." He replied while giving her a side hug.

"Me too."

"Now please turn to page 339 in your books."

And just like that class was started.

Hey guys!

I just wanted to say that I'll probably start not going so much by the script because it's harder to add in Elizabeth and her own moments. But I will on some parts.

Thank you! 💚



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