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When Elizabeth and the others returned home from the Quidditch World Cup, Molly immediately engulfed her children in a hug. Then Harry and Hermione, and Finally quickly kissed her husband.

She took a look back at Elizabeth and saw the spaced out look on her face and her eyes glazed over. She felt like she failed as a parent but she was just glad she was here now.

"Everyone go up to bed, Harry you can stay where you did last night, Hermione you can share with Ginny." They all nodded and Elizabeth quickly engulfed her mother in a hug then ran up the stairs. She didn't have the energy to speak, She walked into her and Ron's shared room who was also being occupied by Harry. They both had already gotten ready for bed and were sitting on their respective beds talking. Elizabeth took her pjs and changed in the bathroom. When she returned she didn't want to go to her own bed, she didn't feel safe alone at the moment. No matter how many times she wished to see the world she would take them all back to rid herself of tonight. By then Harry was curled up in the bed with his glasses of and she saw with a slow rise and fall of his chest he was asleep. She glanced at her brother and he was looking at her as well.

"I'm going to go stay with the twins..." she whispered. He nodded, he didn't feel like she chose them over him, he didn't need to question her. He simply nodded and she walked out of the room. She quietly shut the door and made her way to the twins shared room. She inched the door open and saw them both sitting up. They were both too filled with nerves to sleep. Their eyes filled with love and sympathy as she walked in the door. She didn't feel the want to speak, they knew the drill. Fred scooted over to the edge of his bed and she laid right in the middle as George occupies the other. She felt protected being in between her two older brothers who always protected her.

They each wrapped and arm around her and hummed a little song they made up for her when she was a baby. She had tears rushing down her face, remembering the events of that night. Remembering the wand of a death eater pointed at her face. She sobbed and Fred and George held her tighter. Nearly 20 minutes later she fell asleep with tear streaks down her face.

"What do you think happened to her Fred?" George questioned with his own tears in his eyes struggling not to fall.

"I have no idea George." They both made sure she was secure then fell asleep as well.

The next morning

Molly let the children sleep in to rest of the events of the day prior. She got up and started making breakfast for the family and the smell alone got Ron, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, and a quick glimpse of Percy who took his plate back to his room to finish studying. It nearly was 12:00 o'clock and the twins and Elizabeth were no where to be seen. Molly walked you the stairs, not to wake them but check on them, especially Elizabeth after she was told that Elizabeth was separated from the group. She walked in and saw the twins with her in the middle. The twins were awake but made no move as she was still asleep because she woke up with nightmares a couple times in the night. Molly's eyes softened at the sight and gave her sons an approving nod as they gave her a small smile. She carefully proceeded to shut the door and made her way back downstairs and returned to her own breakfast. She decided to talk with the group about the night prior and another thing.

"What happened last night?" She asked Harry specifically as he too was torn from the group.

He told her how he got dragged away by the crowd and knocked out only to wake up the the dark mark. He said how he saw Elizabeth not too far away and that's when they were found. Molly nodded and told herself to talk to Elizabeth but making sure not to force her.

"I also wanted to talk about another thing."

"What mum?" Ron questioned with a mouth full of food. Hermione and Molly grimaced and sent a glare. Ron smiled sheepishly and swallowed the food in his mouth.

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