The Graveyard

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It was the day of the third task Hermione and Elizabeth was downstairs in the common room waiting for Harry and Ron to wake up.

Once they were they made their way to the great hall before getting stopped by a familiar voice.

"Oh Harry!" Mrs.Weasley called out as she and bill walked down the hallway. The group smiled at the woman who had her arms open for a hug.

"Bill!" Elizabeth cried out in joy and ran to her oldest brother. He smiled at her and held her tight to him.

"Hello Tiny." Bill said as she pulled back slightly from the hug to scowl at the name.

"I'm not tiny!" She attempted to argue but by the way she was almost straining her neck to look at him said otherwise.

After Mrs.Weasley hugged Harry they all got their hugs in before asking her why she was here.

"Oh Dumbledore invited all the champions families to spend time with their champion before the task and you didn't think he'd invite the Dursley's did you?" Molly spoke as they led her and bill into the hall.

"I'm glad he didn't." Harry mused slight shuddering at the thought of the Dursley's being at his school, also because they probably wouldn't have came but if they did it would have been a disaster.

"Bill!" A set of voices said followed by a female one shouting "Mum!"

Bill was tackled into a very quick hug by the twins to which he smiled at as he was glad his sibling missed him. He hadn't seen them in such a long time. Ginny hugged her mum before hugging Bill as well.

"Hello Harry! Bill Weasley." Bill spoke introducing himself, Harry smiled slightly and shook his hand before Molly began to talk.

Elizabeth glanced around the room and saw Cedric standing by his father over at the Hufflepuff table then she turned to the end of the Slytherin table to see a tall, intimidating man standing by Viktor Krum. Fleur Delacour had a man and a woman followed by her little sister sitting with her at the Ravenclaw table to which they looked slightly disgusted at the non extravagance to it.

"E!" She heard calling her out of her thoughts.

She saw Ron staring at her he rolled his eyes playfully as he realized she'd heard nothing of what their mum just said.

"Did you hear any of that?" Hermione lightly scolded but she couldn't help the smile on her face as Elizabeth blushed from embarrassment.

"No..." she admitted before looking to her Mum to explain.

"You are excused from your classes today, along with Ron, Fred, George, and Ginny. Percy was invited to as well but declined." Molly said the last part safely before lightning up when Elizabeth slightly squealed from happiness after missing her mum for so long.

Hermione said her goodbyes and went and sat by Neville was reading another Herbology textbook.

The Weasley family and Harry spent the day walking around Hogwarts and telling stories. Elizabeth had a lingering feeling in the back of her head, a fleeting panicking feeling as she thoughts about the third task. But she didn't believe it was anything but she will have wished she'd listened to the warning.

Then it became late into the day and everyone was gathered at the quidditch field as the champions stood out on the field in front of a giant maze.

" Earlier today Professor Moody placed the tri-wizards cup deep within the maze. Only he knows its exact position." Dumbledore announced as the music playing died down.

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