2. Taking Mafia Princess home.

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Romeo pov

It was the next day,
To be honest nobody really had a good sleep bc babygirl was crying alot.
But it didn't matter, the is still a little baby and since she doesn't have a mom its going to be hard to raise her... but we WILL do anything for her, she is out Mafia Baby and we will do anything to keep her safe and content.

We were all up now looking at our precious baby.
We had to decide on a name tho..

"Soooo, we have to give her a name..."
Diego my cousin said

"Yeah, why dont we all write names down and then we will choose"
Leonardo my Brother said.

And with that we were all writing names down... I googled a bit bc i didn't rlly know any girl names.
But i found a few so lets hope they like them.

"Does everybody have a few names?"
Mateo my Brother asked

We all nodded

"Ok well why dont we start with Leonardo since your her oldest Brother"
Angelo my cousin said

"Ok, well i have 3 names i like...
So the first i like is: Liliana,
The second is Naomi
And the third is Everly"
Leonardo said

"Ok, well i have Bellamy, Allina and Lena"
Giovanni my oldest cousin said

"Well i couldn't come up with anything so i dont like these names but i have: Anastasia and Alexandra"
Luca my Brother said

And so we went on and on until we had a total of 50 names... yes 50.. so we decided on a few And we would lote which one it was going to be

"Ok, so the final names are: Naomi, Allina, Evelyn, Eliana and Yelena"
Leonardo said

"So everybody write down your favorite name and hand it to me"
Luca my Brother said

We all wrote down a name and handed them to Luca

"Ok so the first vote is for...... Yelena"
Luca said

"Second vote is for..... Evelyn"
Giovanni who was helping Luca said

"Third is for Allina"
"Fourth is for Evelyn"
"Fifth is for Yelena"
"Sixth is for Naomi"
"Seventh is for Allina"
"Eight is for Allina"
"Ninth is for Evelyn"
"Tenth is for Evelyn"
"Eleventh is for Allina"
My Brother Luca said

"So right now we have 2 votes for Yelena,one for Naomi, zero for Eliana,
Four votes for Evelyn, and four votes for Allina"
Giovanni said

"We are going to count the rest"
Luca said

They were counting for 5 minutes and then walked back over to us

"So We have a final name"
Giovanni said

"So in the end there were 2 names left and those were Allina and Evelyn."
Giovanni said

"So, which one is it?"
I asked

"Well our babygirls name is...................................................................................................................
Luca said

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