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Giovanni pov

"Its not about What i want, its about WHO i want"
Riccardo said

Sh*t, I thought, he obvioulsy was talking about Allina...
We all looked behind us at the baby girl and all shared a worried look,bc we all knew what he was talking about

"Well, good luck then bc thats not happening!"
Felix said

"Why do you want her anyway?"
Ivan asked

"Well, well curious are we, let me explain my genius plan,
I will raise her and teach her to be a dirty sl*t... and when she turns 12, she will be our entertainment"
Riccardo said with an evil smirk

We were discussted, how could you possibly want to do that to a little girl.
We all looked at each other and knew what was going to happend...it was about to go down, while our babygirl had to witness everything.

We turned around and communicated to each other through our eyes, everyone nodded and Leo handed Allina to Diego, who placed her on his chest and covered her tiny body with his suit jacket, she was so small it just looked like he buttoned up his jacket, you didnt even see her.

We all turned around and saw that our men were sneaking up on his men, then they started firing and the battle began.

Diego ran to the side behind guards so Lina was safe.

We all got out our own guns and fought.

"Get the girl"
We heard Riccardo say to his men, who then all began looking around but Allina was on Diego's chest and his suit jacket was around her, but since she was so small it looked like Diego just had it buttoned up.

We were still fighting when we heard Allina crying and notticed a guard holding her and walking towards Riccardo, who then picked her up and placed her on his shoulder.

F*ck, we all thought

Diego pov

I placed Allina on my chest and covered her with my suit jacket, you couldn't see her bc she was so tiny, so it just looked like i buttoned my jacket up.
We then saw our men sneaking up on his men, and then the fight started, gunshots were heard and bodies dropped down to the floor.
I ran behind some of our men with Lina.
They fought for quite a while, and there were only like 20 of his men left, but all of our men were down so it was just the boys vs them.

I wasn't payjng attention until i got knocked over by one of the Russians, i tried to cover Allina but he already saw her, 2 men held me and he then took her from me, she began crying and all attention went to us.
He walked over to Riccardo and he then place Lina on his shoulder.
The boys stayed silent watching his every move, in pure anger, they hadn't protected their babygirl and now Riccardo had her...

"Drop the guns, or she's dead"
Riccardo said breaking the silence

The boys obvioulsy dropped the guns, but we all saw that more of our men were sneaking up behind them.

" you know, i would love to stay... But i have a sl*t to raise..."
Riccardo said, we all growled at him in answer

"Oh i dont think so"
Giovanni said while we all smirked

And at that point he and all of his men fell dead to the ground while gunshots were heard.

Allina started screaming and crying and we all ran over to her and Leo picked her up and started to rock her, and whispered some thing to her.
We all did a group hug, and all gave Lina a kiss on her head, and then the fell back asleep

"F*ck, how could we let this get so far... We should have protected her!"
Stefano said

"I know.. we need to discuss some things and from now on bring guards with us everywhere we take her"
Gio said

We all stayed like this for a few minutes and then decided it had been a long day...  so we all went back home....


Damn... What a day...
Luckely Allina is safe tho.....
I hope you like this chapter😊
Next will be out soon

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