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"I have found her on the south side of the beach, she was passed out, your highness"

"No girl can come to that island, so how did this happen?"

You are honestly tired of not understanding what the two of them are speaking about.

So, you decide to cut them off.

"Can someone please translate what you two are saying?" you ask with a polite tone.

The King, sneers at you, while the dark-haired boy titles his head to the side, indicating that he didn't understand what you just said.

As if the dark-haired boy got a good idea, he walks over to you and points at the king

"Celestan" he says, then he points at himself


You realize that he is telling you his name and the king's name, and is waiting for you to say your name.

"(Y/n)" you reply, causing the boy to smile brightly, before turning towards the king.

"Her name is (Y/n), we should let her stay in the castle, your highness" Larsan suggests.

Celestan examines you once again, his eyes narrowing sharply.

"Take her to one of the guest's rooms then"

Why do you have a feeling that the king doesn't like you at all?

Little do you know, that's his way of showing interest in someone.


The first thing your eyes land on in the guest room is the papers and pen, and without wasting another minute, you rush towards the desk and grab them.

"What are you doing?" Larsan mumbles as he watches you start drawing on the papers.

You show hand him the first paper with a smile.


The map of the island you draw and the question marks made him realize what you are asking.

"You mean where this place is? Well..." Larsan starts drawing.

He hands you back the paper, when you see his answer you frown.


"Triangle, what is this triangle supposed to mean" you are confused, but decide to not dawdle on it.

You move on to the next question.


Yes, you do wonder how in the world are their kids on the island, when there are not any women.

Larsan stares at the paper for one second, before writing down his reply.


You stare at the answer with shock.

Is he trying to say that those children come from a tree?

"Go rest," he says, pointing towards the bed.

You stop him and point once again at the first question.

Larsan doesn't know if you are going to understand his reply if he explains it.

You probably wouldn't, but what is the harm if he tried to explain.

"This triangle represents the Bermuda triangle"

You didn't understand any of his words except for one word, which is 'Bermuda'

"This island is located in the Bermuda triangle?!"

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