ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴛᴡᴇɴᴛʏ-ᴏɴᴇ

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"You are pregnant"


This is the first question that leaves your lips after the shocking discovery of being pregnant.

"You know how, when a man and woman-" you cut Zephyr off.

"I didn't sleep with anyone, and I'm sure that no one assaulted me while I'm sleeping, so how am I pregnant?"

It was Zephyr's turn to look confused at you, even though he just met you three weeks ago, he never thought that you are so sharp right now.

"I don't know, all I know is that you are pregnant"

You exhale and inhale at the reply, before glaring at him.

"You are lying, there is no way I'm pregnant" you exclaim.

"The doctor will prove my words if they are false or true"

Luizin enters the room with the doctor following behind him.

When Luizin sees the light-haired cannibal, he frowns.

"Who are you?" Luizin demands.

"None of your concern"

Zephyr replies, giving you a wink before walking to the window and jumping out of it with ease.

Luizin clutches his fists in anger, before turning to the doctor.

"What are you waiting for? Do your job"

Immediately the doctor rushes to your bedside to check what is wrong with you, while you pray that he doesn't find out that you are pregnant.

"Don't worry, I was an expert doctor before coming to this island" the doctor assures you.


"Admit it, who did you sleep with, slut"

You gasp while moving away from an angry Luizin who is trying to hit you with the horse riding crop.

"No one, I didn't sleep with anyone, nor did anyone force themselves on me" Luizin sneers at your answer.

"It was that white-haired man, wasn't it? Admit it!"

Once again Luizin misses, giving you relief.

"No, it wasn't him, I don't know how I got pregnant, I swear!" you exclaim.

While trying to run away in hopes of avoiding getting whipped, you find the king standing in the middle of the halls.

You quickly hid behind him, using him as a shield against Luizin.

The tutor stops upon seeing Celestan who looks at him coldly.

Meanwhile, Alastrain and Larsan stare at your shivering form.

"Welcome back from your trip, I hope you have had a nice hunting trip"

"What happened for you to cause this nonsense ruckus?"

"This dishonourable girl is pregnant, your highness" Luizin explains with a disgusted tone.

Celestan turns around to face you, while Alastrain and Larsan prepare themselves to protect you from any attack.

"Your highness, I don't know how this happened, but I-" the light-haired king cuts you off.

"That is not important, what is important is to protect you and the baby at all costs"               

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