ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴛᴡᴇʟᴠᴇ

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You scream as you slam your face against the pillow many times out in anger.

The fact that you have fallen into Alastrain's trap so easily, frustrates you to the point where you wish to kill him.

You admit that this part is your fault as you should have been wary of the prince's true intentions from the very beginning.

Suddenly, the sound of knocking at the door makes you stop, and quickly rearrange yourself to not look crazy mad.

"Come in" you reply calmly, standing up from your bed.

Larsan enters the chamber, a happy expression on his face, but his smile drops when he realizes how your mood is a bit nervous.

"Is there something wrong, (Y/n)" you nod your head slowly, looking him straight in the eyes.

"I don't want to marry the prince" you admit softly, trying not to cry.

"This means that you have failed the king's test huh?" you nod your head slowly at his question.

"Yes, I have, I need to find a way to complete the ship quickly" you exclaim.

"The ship won't help you get out of here, you need to find another solution" Larsen asserts.

"What type of solution? Huh? There is no other way to get out of here" you demand, crossing your arms over your chest.

"There is...after all, I know all the ins and outs of this island" you raise an eyebrow at his words.

"What do you want as a price?"

The question causes Larsan to chuckle.

"I'm not that greedy, (Y/n)" you snort.

"Spat it out" you order.

"I don't want anything from you, really, I also want to escape from here" Larsan assures, shocking you.

"You do"

He nods at you, letting out a deep sigh as if he is sad about something.

"There is something much darker about this island that you don't know about" you gulp, feeling uneasy about his words.

"What is it?" you ask bravely.

"It is better if you don't know about anything"

When Larsan was about to leave you standing alone, you stop him.

"Wait" you exclaim.


"I remember something you said to me months ago when I didn't understand the language"

The dark-haired man freezes realizing what you might utter, but he keeps his expression calm.


"You said something really disturbing, I might have understood it wrong, hopefully, it doesn't mean what I think"

You lean towards him, tilting your head curiously.

"You said 'I will kill anyone who dares to harm you'...right"

Deep down, you are praying that he would deny it, but instead, he does the opposite.

"Yes, that is a promise I intend to keep"

With that, he kisses you, then pulls away, leaving you shocked.

"You belong to me"


Alastrain watches the scene from behind the door with a bitter look on his face.

His fists are clutched angrily, yet wasn't describing his rage.

'(Y/n) being yours? Death awaits you, Larsan...I swear'

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