ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴇʟᴇᴠᴇɴ

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Celestan + evil = Demon

Celestan + Seduction = Incubus

Celestan + Narcissism = Faerie 

Celestan + Anger = Dragon

Celestan + Magic = Warlock

Celestan + Evil+ Seduction + Narcissism + Anger + Magic =

You place the pencil down and stare at the list you have created with wander.

Guessing what Celestan is, became a hard task for you as your mind is also focused on the stranger you met earlier yesterday, in the hallways.

The thought of there being another woman on the island yet she died bothers you.

No, not because you are jealous of not being the first female on the island, but due to the doubt that you might also meet the same fate as her.

The pretty stranger didn't even say much before he disappeared.

You need to guess this right to leave the damn island, you can't risk guessing it wrong.

"What are you doing?" The prince's voice pulls you out of your thoughts, causing you to quickly place your hands on the papers.

You don't want him to see what you have written down on the piece of paper.

"Just some homework" Alastrain raises an eyebrow at your reply.

"Some homework? Boring" he taunts you with his voice.

"Well, it is entertaining than bothering others, dear prince" you spat.

"I heard about our engagement" he announces, picking up your pencil.

"You must be happy" you mumble, yet he hears you and smirk widely.

"Yes, our marriage will be very miserable"

'As if I would marry you, brat'

You smile innocently at him, not bothered by his teasing.

"We shall see about that"

Alastrain stares down at the pencil.

"You know it isn't hard to guess what entity is my father, he lives for long without dying"

You raise an eyebrow at him, as he leans towards the paper after you remove your hands away from it.

Celestan + Evil+ Seduction + Narcissism + Anger + Magic = Immortal

You shot out of your seat, looking at Alastrain with wide eyes.

"Why would you help me?" he shrugs.

"I'm not an asshole like my old man, (Y/n)" a genuine smile appears on your face.

"Thank you"

With that, you quickly leave your chambers with the paper you are holding unaware of Alastrain's burning gaze.

"How did I fall for such a stupid girl?"


You proudly shove the paper in the king's face with a satisfied expression.

"You are an immortal" the king grabs the paper from you, examining it carefully.

"Now you have to keep your promise and bring me back home" you exclaim confidently.

"Oh, you aren't returning home any time soon, sweetie" you frown.

"You promised" Celestan chuckles deeply.

"You are correct, but you cheated"

"What?" you demand.

He turns the paper around and points at the word 'immortal'

"That's the hideous handwriting of my son"

At that moment, you realized that...

...you blindly fall right into Alastrain's obvious trap.

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