ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ᴛᴇɴ

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"I'm sorry did you just announce my engagement to your bratty son without even letting me know!"

You exclaim after you enter the throne room, looking like you are ready to kill someone.

Celestan sits on his throne, with his legs spread lazily, looking annoyed and tired.

"Yes, and? I see nothing wrong in that"

You scoff, shaking your head in disapproval.

"Guards leave us" the said men obey their king, and take their leave.

"I'm pretty sure, that you know that in the real world you have to take my permission, I'm not a toy" you spat.

"But we aren't in the real world, you are in my world, therefore, you follow my rules, darling."

He stands up and walks towards you gracefully.

"You are living on an island, where the men are a majority, and you are the only minority" you gulp, as he sneers at you.

"So, you better start following the rules, dear future daughter in law" his tone is filled with mockery.

When he sees the displeased expression on your face, he chuckles, grabbing a strand of your hair.

It has grown longer and faster over the past months, having it reach past your waist.

"Why do I have a feeling that you are another entity, Celestan" you admit, glaring into his eyes.

"You are right, I'm another entity" your eyes widen at his confirmation.

Wait, so Celestan isn't a human being from the start? is that why he existed way before anyone on this island?

"How about this, let us play a game" you raise an eyebrow at his suggestion.

"What type of game?" you inquire curiously.

"If you can guess what I am, I will return you to your home"

This perks your interest, making you excited to return home.

However, you don't show it.

"And if I guess incorrectly?"

Indeed, what will happen if you make an incorrect guess? Will you get punished?

"You marry my son as appointed" you let out a sigh.

"Well, you look like-" he cuts you off, by placing his whole hand on your lips.

"The deadline is in three days, so take your time to think"


"Celestan must be a demon,
there is no other explanation for his devilish behavior"

You mumble to yourself as you walk in the hallways of the palace.

The thought of your freedom depending on one answer stresses you out.

Suddenly, you bump shoulders with someone, causing you to stop and apologize.

"Sorry, didn't mean to bump into you" you exclaim.

Your eyes widen at how handsome the man is unbelievably handsome.

He is way taller than you or anyone you have seen, making you feel like an ant compared to him.

He has red curly hair and bright green eyes which are glaring into your eyes.

"Huh? So, his highness decided to replace the old bitch with a new one" you are surprised by his words.

"Excuse me, what?" the stranger chuckles.

"You are not the first woman to come here"      

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