How you two met

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Contains slight manga spoilers 

Shinobu Kocho

You two met on a mission

You were fighting against a demon that was really tricky

Your body felt exhausted and you slipped up making the demon almost hit you

Closing your eyes and braced for the hit but it never came

Little arms held you in bridle style and placed you in safety before jumping to the demon

You watched in awe as the woman finished the demon very quickly and gracefully 

She greeted you and took you to the butterfly estate 

Mitsuri Kanroji

Well your first meeting was rather interesting to say the least

You were eating the food peacefully until you choked on it

You began to cough loudly while people stared at you afraid if they should engage or not 

One girl took action and quickly wrapped her arms around your abdomen and thrusted, lifting you off your feet 

It felt like she made you spit out your guts too. The food piece just flung out several feets

You were on the ground coughing and gasping for air

You thanked the woman that saved you while people cheered at the woman for saving your life

You were a bit scared to eat after nearly dying so you just paid and left 

Nezuko Kamado

Your village got attacked by a demon

You valued your own village since you thought of everyone as your family and you got along with everyone there. You had lived there for your whole life

You were making sure that everyone had escaped until a mother screamed and cried that there kid was still inside

You ran in and found them. You were gonna escort them out but the demon found you two first and was about to attack before a demon girl stepped in

She kicked the demons head turning its attention to her instead. That gave you two enough time to escape unharmed 

Kanao Tsuyuri

You saw each other at the final selection

You thought she was beautiful and wanted to talk to her

While slight chaos happened between Tanjiro and Genya you shot your shot and tried to talk to the girl

She only looked at you and smiled while you tried to strike up a conversation 

Before anything else happened the twins announced the rest of the demon slayer rules

After it was over you tried to find the girl but didn't find her 


Your life before you met Daki was not very bright

You were poor and homeless. Living off the left over food or stealing money 

You resided at the entertainment district since you could pickpocket peoples money 

You got caught stealing food and the owner ran after you holding a bat 

Not knowing that an orian was walking around you ran straight into her

They all stopped abruptly staring down at you

Angry shouting erupted from the crowd two men about to drag you off screaming at you 

Fear struck in you as you thrashed and flailed your arms begging to be let go

"Knock it off" The orian commanded the two men stopping at once

She observed you hating the feeling bubbling inside her. What was it? Was it pity? 

"Take her to my house. Make sure to clean her and give her proper clothes" Before you knew it you were inside the house reciveing food while wearing proper clothes and feeling as clean as ever 

A/N: Yay I got some of my creative juice back! Hope it continues that way. 

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