When they accidently hurt you

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Shinobu Kocho

She wanted to try a new drink she made and wanted you to be her test subject 

You were a bit reluctant at first but accepted since this is Shinobu nothing can go wrong! Right? 

When you drank it nothing happened but over night you kinda just puked your guts out 

You then became so sick you could only stay in bed

From then on Shinobu would make a back up drink in case something goes wrong 

Mitsuri Kanroji

You were gonna train with her

She wanted you to be as flexible as her so she trained you 

Mitsuri made you do a move but since you weren't flexible enough she helped you but that didn't end so well since she made you crack your back 

You shouted in pain close to tears while Mitsuri was close to crying out of guilt 

She took you to Shinobu who said that you had to rest your back from any strains

Nezuko Kamado

You, Tanjiro and Nezuko were fighting a demon that was very fast

Nezuko went in to try and slash the demon but miscalculated and instead slashed you

You had to drop out of the battle. Nezuko wanted to go and help you but sadly she couldn't since she had to finish off the demon first 

Nezuko hugged you all night in the butterfly estate after the battle 

Kanao Tsuyuri 

You two were training with wooden swords 

You were leaping at each other and hitting each other jus not going so soft 

When Kanao went in for a strike she striked your stomach pretty hard

You dropped to the ground barely being able to breathe 

Kanao began to shake and sweat not knowing what to do

Shinobu saw you and lead you into a room 

That was enough training for the day 


She was very mad. She had a bad day with her employees not doing their job and annoying clients 

So when you came in with a cherry personality she tried not to snap at you

When you began poking her she grabbed your finger and twisted it (almost breaking it) she stopped when she heard you shout in pain 

She apologized and offer to treat you. You being a bit salty pulled away and went to some other people to treat you instead 

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