When you two are having a snowball fight

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A/N:It's snowing in my country so that's why I wrote this. 

Contains manga spoilers on Daki! 

Shinobu Kocho

You asked her for a snowball fight and she shook her head a bit

"Still acting like a child hm?" You let out a offended gasp

"What's wrong with wanting to have a snowball fight?! It's not like I can have a snowball fight on the triplets and Inosuke throws them so hard! Or he just puts stones or ice in them because DAMN those snowballs hurts!" After that Shinobu sighed and walked out with you to have a snowball fight

And here she thought she could drink her tea peacefully 

Shinobu just avoided while you threw snowballs at her and since she's so fast she coud just run behind you while throwing snowballs 

She avoids the snowballs gracefully before throwing hers

You're really wondering if she has snowballs in her pockets because she reloads them so fast

Mitsuri Kanroji

It was her that wanted to have a snowball fight since it seemed so fun

You agreed and you began your snowballs fight

Mitsuri's crazy flexible so you can just imagine how much she flexed that while you two had your fight

You barely managed to hit her before she hit a snowball at you

That snowball hurt and you didn't want Mitsuri to feel guilty and end it so you just pretended it didn't hurt

Mitsuri threw another and she threw it with such strength it caused a nosebleed. From then on you both agreed to not throw any snowballs at each others head or much less the face 

Nezuko Kamado

She strikes me as one that would just dodge the snowballs until you hit her head

If you hit her head and her hair becomes wet she will be irritated so she'll go full demon mode on you with the snowballs

It's like she's shooting them out of her hands or something 

Kanao Tsuyuri

She didn't want to at first so you just had snowballs fight with the triplets

She got a bit jealous so she joined

She obviously showed mercy to the triplets but with you? Out of the question

She destroyed you 


She didn't want to at first

She only agreed when she got some sudden flashbacks being in some sort of hay thing covered by her brother and when she looked out all she saw was white snow

Even though it was  so cold she still felt warmth ratiating from her brother, she felt comforted

She agreed to the snowballs fight

"Oh and no demons powers" You said. Daki sighed at your "boring" rules but you're right, it would be very unfair with Daki's demon powers when you had none 

You managed to hit Daki's face and she said "screw the snow" and went after you instead 

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