What their friends/family think of you

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A/N: Requested by anonymous and this will be a bit different one. I have also decided that you have met Guytaro on Daki's part. 

Shinobu Kocho

Aoi: She likes you. She's happy that Shinobu has found a loving person like you. You're always kind to the little girls and help around the estate. She respects you alot 

The triplets (the caterpillars, how I like to call them): They LOVE LOVE LOVE you. They look up to you and admire you alot. You always get greeted with hugs by them

Kanao: She didn't trust you at first. She glared at you when you were with Shinobu sometimes and spied on you two. But she warmed up to you later. Would happily listen to you talk. After Tanjiro changed her mindset she would be more talktive with you

Kanae (in heaven): She loves you. So happy someone loves her little sister and can make her smile so bright and geniune

Mitsuri Kanroji

Obani: He's jealous. He's sad he wasn't the one Mitsuri fell in love with but he's happy for you nonetheless. Threatens you that if you break Mitsuri's heart he will skin you alive. He might warm up to you but it's no gurantee.

Kyojuro: He's glad that someone takes care of Mitsuri so well. He likes you alot. Will give you bear hugs if you allow him too. He's very serious about your relationship though. Same with Obani, he will be very angry if you treat her badly. 

Shinobu: She threatened you. 

"Please Y/N understand that Mitsuri's heart is very fragile, if you so much as crack it I will hunt you down and deal with you myself".  Basically all of them are very protective over her. Shinobu warmed up to you and she might be a bit teasy and all but she would never flirt with you. But she would make flirty remarks about you and Mitsuri

Nezuko Kamado

Tanjiro: He greatly respects you and sees you as a dear friend. You can always come to him for advice about love or he tells you stuff about Nezuko. You two talk about Nezuko alot. He's very protective of you since he knows how important you are to Nezuko

Zenitsu: He's sad Nezuko didn't fall for him but he's really really happy for you! He never flirted with Nezuko ever again after you two became a thing. Also very protective of you. He sees you as an equal now and does not see you as a girl he can just randomly flirt with

Inosuke: He sees you as a friend. Sometimes he wanna fight with you but other than that you two are great friends. He likes it when you make him feel fuzzy

Kanao Tsuyuri

Shinobu: She threatend you but then warmed up to you. You can always come to Shinobu for advice or if something has happened between you and Kanao, I will warn you though that Shinobu will 90% of the time be on her sisters side which is valid but still

Aoi: Kanao and Aoi see each other as sisters. Aoi likes you, she might be stern with you and harsh but deep down she likes you alot for taking care of Kanao. She just have a hard shell 

The catterpillars/triplets: They love you. There's not more to say


Gyutaro: He didn't like the idea of his sister getting a girlfriend but when he saw how you made Daki happy and feel loved he thought he can adjust. He will never hesitate to eat you if you break Daki's heart. He just hopes you can deal with Daki's more crying and bratty side

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