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3rd Person POV

Location: Unknown
Time: 10:30 pm.

In an unknown destroyed building located somewhere around Chernobyl, a man in his late 20s and wearing a black suit and red tie, and also sunglasses can be seen lying on his stomach while at the same time using a sniper rifle. Next to him was a young woman in her mid-20s, she has blonde hair and blue eyes. Using her scope to see what's in front of them. In her point of view, she sees a group of people with several cars parked, the same people have guns ranging from AK-47 to OTs-27 Berdysh. Then, she sees a bald man wearing a gray coat and then another man with black hair giving the bald man something.

Woman: "Target identified... Wait for it, the winds are picking up..."

Man: "Remember this, agent. Even if there's a wind, you'll have to use this to your advantage."

Woman: "Sir?"

The man looks back in the scope as the woman next to him waiting for the wind to die down, the man on the other hand didn't, instead he was waiting for the flag to change direction. Then as soon as he saw the flag, waving in the opposite direction, the man pulled the trigger, and a loud booming sound from the .50. The bullet flies through the whole area and hits the bald man in the head.

Man: "Mission accomplished. Let's get out of here."

Woman: "Got it."

The two of them escaped quietly while the others down below were up in arms while searching for them. The two escaped Chernobyl and went back to their base in one of the countries in Eastern Europe. The Man went to the table and used the laptop to report the mission.

Man: "Mission success."

???: "Good. Agent Seven, your reward for the mission has been sent. Now then, we still have one more target for you."

The man now known as Agent Seven sat down attentively and looks at the screen of the laptop as pop-ups appeared with some information and the like being shown on the screen.

???: "We received word that an American Ambassador is sailing towards the United Kingdom. His name is Benjamin Blake, you are to eliminate him. And leave no witnesses, failure is not an option here. This is an important target."

Seven: "Alright."

???: "This is your target. After that, come back to Headquarters and report back to me."

Seven: "Sir."

Agent Seven then turned off the laptop and went to the garage to see his partner from earlier. The woman, also an agent working with Seven by the codename of Six. He saw her calibrating their vehicle.

Seven: "Six, get up. We're going to another mission."

Six: "What?! But it's only been like what? Ten minutes since we completed the last one?"

Seven: "I know but you and I have no choice. Besides, this would be the last mission for the time being."

Six: "Fine. Come on, let's get the unlucky bloke and get out of Europe."

After prepping up for the mission, they went to the United Kingdom or more specifically in Bristol. There, they looked around at the ports and saw the same picture of the ship that the target is going to board, it was a Yacht.

Six: "Why is it that the US. Ambassadors always have the good stuff?"

Seven: "Not this one it would seem. Do it."

Six: "Got it."

Using her phone to hack into the systems, Six went to the office and bought tickets to the Yacht.

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