Chapter 8: Lucifer meets Lucifer

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3rd Person POV

After being tortured and interrogated for several hours. Lucifer looked around his cell. Again, he holds the bars and it started causing him pain as black veins started appearing on his arms as they go to his brain at a fast pace.

Lucifer: "Damn it... Looks like I have to wait here for a bit..."

Lucifer closed his eyes and started meditating, after another session of indoctrination and another failure for them to turn him into the ultimate devil. Lucifer was then tortured again for more hours and then threw him back in his cell. As his wounds started to heal, one of the guards, the sentient ones that is, gave him a bowl of food, Lucifer took this chance and choke-hold the guard as black veins started appearing on both of them, with more and more pressure was put into the guard's throat knocking the guard unconscious and lets he took the key, Lucifer then used the key and took the guard's unconscious body inside the cell while he took off his armor and wore them as a disguise.

Lucifer: "<<Silence>>."

A gust of wind blew and that made Lucifer's holy powers silenced and was able to make his presence, he looked around and walked slowly as to not let the other guards get suspicious of him.

Demon #1: "Hey, did you hear?"

Demon #2: "What?"

Demon #1: "Apparently, the Old ones here are still trying to take us down. Still, they keep using their guard dogs."

Lucifer: "Excuse me."

Demon #2: "Huh? What do you want?"

Lucifer then stabbed the second guard and used <<Charm>> and managed to control the first demon guard and Lucifer had to hide the body of the second one.

Lucifer: "Now tell me everything. Where are we? And who keeps attacking this keep?"

Demon #1: "Sir! We are in Hell number 007. This was a peaceful place until we sacked it, of course, the inhabitants here are rather unhappy. Unfortunately for them, they only have skeletons and three guard dogs each time they attack. It's not really that damming but it is annoying."

Lucifer: "I see. Then would you kindly tell me where the exits are? Thank you."

Demon #1: "Of course. You are very welcome."

After telling the way to get out of the keep, Lucifer killed the demon guard and then hid his body where the second one was. Then he tried to act not suspicious as he continues to walk slowly and sometimes hide behind some crates and barrels, he found himself in the armory and found his weapon and armor. Obviously, he took it and used <<Dimensional Pocket>> to put all of his gear inside for the time being. As he continued, he found his way outside and saw hell itself.

Lucifer: "If I was the same as the other Lucifer. This place would be called home for me. Sadly, I still want to live back to the Sky Temple and not here."

Lucifer took off the armor once after he distanced himself from the keep, as he did that. He took on his armor and weapon and then left.

Inside the keep. Lucilius, Beelzebub, and finally Belial. Were all drinking tea except for Beelzebub who was drinking beer.

Beelzebub: "So tell me again why Lord Goetia wanted that boy?"

Lucilius: "Lucifer is that of my creation. You can say that he is my son but he believed that I just brought him to the Sky Temple. I made a lot of modifications to his body while still a fetus-like creature. Intelligence, strength. He was meant to be the best of all of us Archangels, still. There is something there in his head... Something that I still cannot understand, we gave all of his gifts but he refuse to use them. Instead, he worked it. In time, he bested the most powerful Archangel and that was Michael."

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