Chapter 3: Dwargon

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3rd Person POV

After helping out the goblin village and even naming every goblin and one dire wolf. Lucifer flies through the skies as he investigates the whereabouts of Lucilius, but as he ponders where he is, currently, it was evening and as he made a campsite for himself, he looks at his right hand and uses wind magic which was shocking to him since he was never taught one.

Lucifer: "Could it be..."


 Alaya: "Then rise champion of the winds! Rise up child of the morn. Lucifer Morningstar! Be my agent and save the world."

*Flashback Ends*

Lucifer: "Save the world, huh?"

Then Sif appeared next to him.

Lucifer: "What do you think, Sif?"

Sif: "About what, My Master?"

Lucifer explained everything to Sif, the great wolf listened to him as he tell his story to her. Sif pondered about it for a second until she gave an answer.

Sif: "I think you should do it. You were chosen to be the world's guardian after all."

Lucifer: "I see. Still, I don't even know where to begin. I want to find Lucilius but that's just it, I didn't plan on being some savior of the world. I think Rimuru can do that."

Sif: "But you made a contract with the earth. So, you don't really have a choice."

Lucifer: "Yup..."

As Lucifer stares into the sky along with Sif, they heard a twig snapping. This alarmed Sif and she started growling.

Sif: "Master, we have enemies!"

Lucifer then created a blade made out of light and looked around slowly, behind him was Sif who grew bigger. As they search around the camp. Someone jumped from the bushes. A small demon-like creature.

Lucifer: "A demon?"

Demon: "DIE! ANGEL!"

The Demon jumps himself to Lucifer, using the blade made out of light. Lucifer swings it and was able to kill the demon and even sets the demon on fire due to the holy magic that Lucifer used, but before he could rest. Someone else jumped from the bushes and before they could land, Sif managed to attack and bite them. Lucifer saw another demon. Then more and more demons appeared from out of nowhere.

Lucifer: "Sif!"

Sif stopped and returned to Lucifer's side. The two of them looked at their attackers back to back. The demons attacked first, Lucifer manages to dodge one and swings his light blade killing the second one coming for him. Sif on the other hand then grew bigger and bites off their heads. Back with Lucifer, he uses his wings to create a strong gust of wind and then raises his right hand forward as a green-colored ball appeared in front of his palm.

Lucifer: "Take this! WIND BLADE!"

Three sonic blades launched themselves on three demons cutting off their heads. Lucifer couldn't believe the power he witnessed but still, he continued to attack along with Sif, the two of them finishes all of them up not even showing mercy. After the fight, both of them were covered in blood.

Lucifer: "Damn, I need a bath."

Sif: "Master, I believe that there is a river near this camp to the southeast."

Lucifer: "Thanks, Sif."

As Lucifer was about to take off his armor and walk towards the lake naked. Sif growled again as someone walked towards them. Lucifer saw a girl with white hair, red eyes, and also a red dress. She holds in her hand a katana with a black-colored scabbard and gold entrails.

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