Chapter 7: Lucifer vs Lucilius

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3rd Person POV

After Rimuru "ate" Shizue after her death, he explained to them what happened to her, Kaval and his group were silent.

Kaval: "I see... So Shizu is dead..."

Gido: "Are you really Rimuru?"

Rigurd: "There can be no doubt!"

Ranga: "Did you really think I wouldn't recognize my master just because his body changed>"

Lucifer: "Rigurd, Ranga. Calm down."

Rigurd: "I'm sorry, Saint Lucifer."

Ranga: "Forgive me."

Kaval: "You look a bit like a mini Shizu."

Rimuru: "It's true, look."

Rimuru then transformed back into a slime, this shocked Kaval, and his group.

Kaval: "Wow!"

Gido: "THat's quite remarkable."

Eren: "Did you really eat Shizu?"

Rimuru: "That was Shizu's final request, so I granted it for her. It was the only burial we could give her. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you --her travel companions-- about this."

 Shizu: "Well... If that's what Shizu wanted, there was no other choice."

Rimuru: "Sorry, Eren. You probably think this was unreasonable."

Eren: "No, I just wish we could've said goodbye to her..."

Rimuru: "Shizu said she had fun traveling with you three. Even though she said you're all extremely prone to danger."

Both Gido and Eren look at their leader, Kaval.

Kaval: "Hey! Why are you looking at me that way?!"

Eren: "Well, you know..."

Gido: "Yeah."

Kaval: "Well, what about the time you got caught in a pitfall?"

Gido: "That was because Eren pushed me!"

Eren: "Don't blame that one me! A spider landed on me out of nowhere! IT was Shizu who took the spider off of me."

Lucifer: 'You know? This suits them a lot better than being a sad bunch of idiots... Though they relied on her too much.

After waiting for the three of them to finish with their argument, they all looked at both Rimuru and Lucifer.

Kaval: "We appreciate all your help. We'll be on our way now."

Rimuru: "Back to your home country?"

Kaval: "Yeah. We need to report to the Guildmaster about our findings, and about Shizu. We won't say anything bad about this place."

Eren: "We'll tell him about you two. Rimuru, and Saint Lucifer."

Lucifer: "I'd prefer you not to. Who would actually believe you when you say that you met one of the Archangels?"

Eren: "Good point, still though."

Lucifer then puts his hand on top of Eren's hand giving her a head-pat which made her blush.

Lucifer: "It's quite alright, Eren."

Eren: "Okay... Thanks."

Gido: "If anything comes up, you can always send for us."

Rimuru: "Much appreciated, we'll keep that in mind."

The three of them looked at each other for a bit and then they turned to Rimuru.

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