4: Sweet Dreams. 🍊

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Mature content warning: detailed descriptions of intimate petting and masturbation. There will be line and warning showing when it will begin and end. Reader can choose to skip you will not miss out on any plot driven narrative. 

I hobbled back to bed carefully, crawling in. I set an alarm on my phone hoping to catch a few more hours of sleep before having to face the day. I turned off my bedside lamp, but the room wasn't completely dark, scanning the room for the source of light it was coming from the wall vent I hadn't noticed before.

I slid back out of bed curious to see what light was coming through. I tried to peek in, but it was far too high to look through. I looked at the kitchen chair. Was I really that stupid to try something like that again? I pursed my lips weighing the thought in my mind. If I fell again, I am pretty sure Moon and Sun would be pissed.

I chewed light on my nails lost in thought. a soft song came from the vent, a voice that was soft and velvety, it hummed a lovely tune in harmony with the light strumming of a guitar. So beautiful I felt cemented to floor and the voice enveloped me.

I couldn't take it anymore, I had to see. I quickly hobbled to the chair, placing it under the vent I lifted myself careful not to tip. Being barefoot defiantly made me feel more stable. Attempting not to bear too much weight on my bad ankle I stretched up to the vent just barley getting a view.

It was another bedroom. The walls were a pale grey color and a few things hung on the wall. There was a large bed though and sitting on the edge was Moon. His hair looked like it was damp, he was wearing a pair of sweatpants and was shirtless. his eyes were closed as he hummed along gently nodding his head. The sight of him made my heart leap into my throat. His face so peacefully he slowly opened his eyes and shifted,  jotting something down in an open notebook next to his side.

I moved a bit to get a better view, but the chair decided it had enough of being under me and gave a loud creak in protest. Moon's head shot up eyes locking on the vent I quickly crouched down. Did he see me? God, I hope not he would think I was a creep of something.

I mean I was spying on him, wasn't I. I could hear the springs in his bed creak softly from his weight shifting assuming he had gotten up. I  jumped off the chair gritting my teeth through the pain shooting through my ankle. I quickly covered myself in my blankets, my pulse racing in my ears.

After what felt like forever the soft hum and guitar continued through the vent. I sighed relieved I wasn't caught. The look of him sitting in that bed, no shirt was enough to excite me. I imagined myself straddling him again, my hands running up and down his bare chest. His breath on my neck, I wondered if his lips were as soft as they looked. And how his velvety moan could sound.

I groaned flustered with my own head. I can't keep having these thoughts. I need to get these feelings in check and quick. Animatronics are strictly off limits, and I can't risk losing this job. It would be impossible anyway, animatronics don't have sexual desires let alone romantic feelings. won't work out and I'd end up hurting.

Brushing the hair out of my face I tried to focus on the soft lullaby being played through the vent and slowly I drifted back to sleep only for my head to betray me with forbidden dreams.


Warning : Mature Content begins. the following passage includes detailed description of  petting and masturbation. 

It felt so real his touch searing my skin. His hands rub my thighs, His face nuzzled in my navel I could feel droplets of water fall from his hair teasing my stomach. My heart pounded in my chest. He looked up at me through his thick lashes with that sly smile. he slowly made his way up to my neck leaving trails of soft kisses eyes on me the whole time. I can feel his bulge pressing against my panties. A soft moan escaped my lips when he grinded against me.

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