5: Old friends, new faces.

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The room boomed with pop music and was crowded with bodies, it seemed like most of the new hires were already there. My heart sank a bit when I didn't see Sun or Moon anywhere. This was going to be a bit more painful without them.

I slipped and shoved between people making my way to the table full of food and drinks grabbing a plate of pizza and a soda. I looked for an empty table, lucky I saw one completely empty all the way towards the corner of the room.

I had just begun to make my way over when someone slammed into me almost toppling me over. I hissed through my teeth as I used my bad ankle to regain my balance and not send my food halfway across the room.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" A hand grasped my elbow, helping me back into a stable position.

"No way, Chica?" I said surprise when I looked up. She gave me a wide grin.

"Y/N, it's been so long!" Chica pulled me into a big, huge knocking the wind out of me.

"I can't breathe."

"Sorry girlie!" Chica laughed give me a slap on the back.

The food must have caught her attention, she quickly forgot about me and went to the table were they giving away baked goods. Taking the opportunity, I made my way to the empty table, letting out a heavy sigh.

My ankle began to throb a bit as I cracked open my soda taking a long sip. I nibbled on my slice of pizza while crowd watching. I felt bored though and disappointed that Moon and Sun weren't here.

I spotted Chica again at a different food table sneaking food into a large container. I guess somethings don't change much Chica even had her pink bow and bright earrings on.

I felt a bit uneasy then, like eyes were on me. Turning my head I caught Marcus staring at me. He was in a group of guys, who were all openly looking at me.

I quickly adverted my gaze, but Marcus still began to make his way over to the table I was sitting at. I just wanted to stand up and walk out but my ankle was in no shape to put weight on it right now.

"Hey Y/N!" Marcus took the seat right next to me, scooting closer invading my personal space.

"Hi, Marcus." I tried to scoot away but whatever I did he followed.

"I didn't see you moving in yesterday, I was hoping to offer a helping hand."

"Uh yeah, I came as soon as the door opened it was easier, so I didn't have to deal with a ton of people."

"Smart move, it took me forever to get a bin yesterday." I nodded, taking a big bite of pizza wishing the conversation would end.

"Well, a couple of the guys and I are gunna ditch early, we snuck in some bottles. You should defiantly come, it will be a lot more fun this." He leaned close, giving me a smirk. He placed his arm on the back of my chair. My body tensed and a cold shiver shot down my spine. A thick smell of hard liquor seemed to radiate off his breath.

"Uh, no thanks Marcus I'd rather not."

"Oh, come on... It will be fun, even better with you around." His eyes dropped down and rested at my chest and a hand tugging at the collar of my flannel shirt driving the point of what kind of 'fun' he was looking for. I quickly folded my arms blocking his and moved away from him.

"I said no." I didn't even try to hide the disgust in my voice.

"Y/N, it will be fun I promise." He moved his hand and gave my shoulder a hard squeeze, his other began to fidget with the hem of my shorts.

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