7: Stand off.

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The rest of the week had gone by in a blur. The three of us finally getting into the groove of work life.

Moon and Sun were always playfully bickering about something just like brothers. But even still Moon and I would exchange glances or thoughtless touches throughout each day. I couldn't recount a single day he didn't have me blushing from his flirting or laughing from little jokes. We even made it a little game of who would be there first to set stations loser would have to stay to clean up after the kids were gone.

I was so excited to finally have a day off tomorrow but the thought of not spending the day with the boys was off putting.

I didn't win this morning's competition, so Sun and I were going to clean today but by the time I logged all the kids out Sun had disappeared. After searching for what felt like forever, I had finally found Sun in the crafting corner, crouched over, he was covered in glitter glue. I groaned, shaking my head.

"Sunny, the heck are you doing? Give me the glue."

He gave me the same face the kids do when you catch them doing something they know is against the rules. His body ridged he narrowed his eyes at me ready to bolt.

"Sunny, just hand it over, we are supposed to be cleaning up." I warned but just as I took a step forward to snatch the glue from him, he darted away dodging my hands.

"Sunny, come on!" I took off running after him.

I chased him through the playroom trying to use my size to my advantage by sliding under and through tight spots to cut him off. My legs were burning as I tried to keep up with him, but it was no use. I was no match for him. 

I had only managed to graze the ruffle of his shirt before he dodged out of the way, and I ended up sprawling on the floor. My breath coming out ragged my chest burning. I can hear Sun laughing in the distance.

I lugged myself onto the foam block chair trying to catch a breath and slow my pulse. My vest felt like it was constricting lungs. I was defiantly not made for all that running.

"That was a very impressive little star. I might have to call you shooting star after that." Moon stood in front of me a playful grin on his face, he held out a bottle full of water.

"I feel like I'm dying." I complained, grabbing the water chugging it down. Moon chuckled.

"Hey Y/N, come here really quick!" I turned my head to see Monty leaning against the desk waving at me. Over the past week he had been stopping by every so often.

"What does he want." Moon's smile fell his voice was sharp, laced with annoyance. I shrugged hopping down the block making my way to Monty.

"What's up Monty?"

I felt the hair on my neck sticking because of the sweat. I groaned at the feeling I worked to put my hair in a ponytail to get it off my skin.

"Nothing much, I just wanted to ask a favor."

I raised my brow at him suspiciously. Last time Monty asked for a favor, and it ended with me running for my life from Samari after one of his little pranks went sideways.

"I don't know Monty last time I helped you, Samari almost took my head off." Monty roared with laughter shaking his head.

"It's nothing like that I promise, I know tomorrows your day off and I was hoping you'd help me with a little project of sorts."

"Project? No offense Monty, but I don't trust you are far as I throw you, so you need to add a bit more detail before I even think of saying yes." I said crossing my arms, I could feel Moon's eyes burning into my back.

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