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Looking at his own reflection in the mirror of the changing rooms that were in the school, he fixed his hair.

They were having gym class on the outdoor field in a moment and were already getting ready for class.

His best friend who was standing behind him changing his shirt suddenly stopped and grabbed his phone that was vibrating a moment before. A smile appeared on his face, which could be clearly seen through the reflection of the mirror.

The boy in front of the mirror stopped what he was doing and turned around. He leaned his back against the wall and crossed his arms. "You're smiling like an idiot," he said, startling the other. He chuckled when he saw him flinch.

His best friend quickly put his phone away. "I didn't, Sunghoon."

Sunghoon chuckled again and brushed a strand of hair out of his face. "Then you didn't realize it yourself, Jay."

Jay rolled his eyes and grabbed his phone again. He sat down on the bench and started sending messages to someone.

"Why did you have such a wide smile on your face then?" Sunghoon said as he grabbed his water bottle from his bag and took a sip after he mentioned that.

"I asked a girl out," Jay replied shortly with a smile.

Sunghoon's eyes widened and choked on his water. He spit it out. Jay was shocked, his mouth falling wide open. Sunghoon held his hand in front of his mouth.

Jay raised his eyebrow, "Something wrong?"

"No nothing is wrong," Sunghoon replied immediately as he wiped his mouth with the hand he had in front of it earlier and turned around to look in the mirror again, "I just never expected you to ask someone out, since you always have demands for someone."

Jay hummed in response. "But this girl fits all the standards," he began, "And she's pretty. She's coming to watch our gym class today."

Sunghoon nodded up and down. His hair was finally done. "Okay, I'm curious." He replied coldly.

Sunghoon, however, was not happy that he had asked a girl out. It would ruin their friendship. They had always promised each other to stay together whether a girl would come into their lives or not, but Jay seemed to have forgotten the promise now.

The promise to never fall in love again, just because it ruined their friendship once before.

Jay kept on sending messages to her. A quick smile appeared on his face when she sent a message back, every time. Sunghoon who was looking at him in the reflection of the mirror felt anger growing inside him.

"Put that phone away," Sunghoon said in a monotone voice, coldly.

Jay looked up at his best friend oddly. "Why do I have to-"

Sunghoon picked up his bag from the floor and walked towards the door of the locker rooms. He was already ready after all and couldn't stand his best friend's behavior anymore. The fact that he kept asking questions irritated him to death.

"Sunghoon, where are you going?"

He stopped in his tracks, looked over his shoulder for a moment, seeing that Jay still had his phone in his hands. Sunghoon sighed deeply. "Nevermind," he said, "Just go on with what you're doing. I'll see you at the sports field in a minute."

With those words, Sunghoon threw open the door to the locker rooms and walked out. Slamming the door shut harshly behind him.

Jay, whom he had left behind, sighed deeply and rolled his eyes.

"Seriously, Sunghoon?"


Clutching her book tightly in her hands, she walked through the hallways of the school, which were completely empty. She opened her locker and put her book from the first lesson in it.

She sighed deeply once and was about to close her locker again, until she suddenly heard a door being opened. The creaking of the door echoed through the hallway.

The girl took a step back, seeing that a door at the end of the hallway was being opened. A boy came walking out of the doorway. His dark hair was in perfect shape. And she knew it, it was none other than her crush. Park Sunghoon.

She gasped and quickly hid herself behind the door of her locker. By now her cheeks were glowing red and thousands of tiny butterflies were flying through her stomach.

His footsteps were sounding closer and closer. She froze in panic, not knowing what to do.

Come on Jiwoo! There's no one around now, you have a chance to talk to him right now!

She scolded herself inside for not doing anything and standing there a bit like a statue hiding behind her locker.

And there they went again... The footsteps disappeared. Jiwoo sighed deeply, disappointed in herself. She slapped herself on her forehead. "I hate myself," she exclaimed.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone grabbed her left wrist and turned her around. Was it Sunghoon?

She secretly hoped so.


No, it wasn't him after all.

It was Eunji who had grabbed her wrist. Jiwoo pursed her lips for a second and then smiled at her best friend.

"Is something wrong?" Jiwoo asked.

"Are you going to watch Jay's gym class with me?" Eunji asked, "Sunghoon would be there too."

Jiwoo hesitated for a moment but then nodded confidently up and down. "Sounds great."

Eunji giggled for a moment and then pulled Jiwoo forward by her wrist, slammed her locker shut and then ran out of the hallways with her, dragging Jiwoo along with her.

Heading for the sports field.

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