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She turned on the faucet of the sink in the school's bathrooms, made a bowl of her hands and let it fill with water. Then she poured the water over her face and looked up at herself in the mirror.

Sighing deeply, she looked at herself in the reflection of the mirror. Her hair was a mess from the wind outside and drops of water ran down her cheeks.

She now understood why Sunghoon would never notice her or start liking her at all. I look like garbage.

Once more she sighed deeply and picked up her bag from the floor, then walked toward the door to exit the bathrooms. She pulled down the knob and pushed open the heavy door.

She looked around her, the hallways empty. Questioning whether she should go back or not to the sports field outside, she decided instead of doing that, she would go to the library to get involved with homework.

No one will never notice her anyways...


Busy studying in the library, she became stressed. She rubbed her forehead when she saw the difficult question in the book, not knowing what its answer was.

"Shit," Jiwoo scolded herself, quietly.

"Jiwoo!" Someone said her name, a boy's voice.

Jiwoo, whose name was called and who was busy with her homework turned her head and saw that her best friend, besides Eunji, came to sit next to her.

She closed her book and smiled at him. "Hey, Jake!" Jiwoo greeted him.

Jake smiled back at her as he took a seat on the chair next to her. "Homework?" He asked as he saw Jiwoo slam the book that was in front of her closed.

Jiwoo hummed in response while nodding.

"What subject are you studying?" Jake asked as he snatched the book from in front of her. He opened the book somewhere in the middle, "Ah, math," he continued, "Do you need help?"

Jake looked towards Jiwoo, whose lips were pursed tightly together. "I can handle it myself," she replied as she grabbed the book back from Jake's hands.

"Are you sure?" Jake chuckled, "I just heard you cursing at yourself."

Jiwoo quickly looked the other way so that her red face could not be seen by Jake out of embarrassment.

After all, Jake was the smartest. Maybe the smartest out of the whole school. She didn't want to seem so dumb in front of him.

Behind her, soft giggles sounded from him. "You do not understand, do you?" He spoke.

Jiwoo turned her head back. "I do understand!" She said as she gave Jake a playful slap on the shoulder.

"Then solve that question," Jake said as his lips curved into a smirk. He pointed to a question in the book. And that was the exact question that Jiwoo didn't understand.

Her eyes widened when she saw that her best friend was pointing at exactly THAT specific question with his index finger. She looked towards Jake, who still had a wide smirk on his face.

"Not that question," Jiwoo said as she quickly shook her head back and forth.

"I thought you understood," Jake tilted his head slightly, "So make that one!"

Jiwoo sighed deeply, grabbed her pen and started solving the question.

"Wrong," Jake said immediately after she had only written down a total of 4 numbers.

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