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"How are things between you and Jay at the moment? Kissed yet?" Jiwoo asked as she took a sip of her drink.

Eunji choked on her food from the last question her best friend asked her. She coughed heavily a few times as she gently punched her chest to stop the coughing.

"You okay?" Jiwoo asked as she saw her best friend almost choking. Quickly she got up and ran to the other side of the table, where Eunji was sitting. She patted her back a few times.

A few seconds later, Eunji finally stopped coughing. "Yeah I was just surprised," She answered.

It was the next day. The two best friends were just basically sitting in the cafeteria, eating their lunch as it was recess. Jiwoo told her best friend everything about what happened yesterday between the two of them. When she was bored of talking about him, she decided to move on with the next question.

A question about Eunji and Jay.

Jiwoo giggled because of her as she went to her seat again and sat down. She grabbed her bottle filled with water, but before she could even take a sip, another hand came into her view, that also grabbed the water bottle. Then, the hand squeezed it, causing the water to explode in Jiwoo's face.

Both she and Eunji gasped. The water droplets dripped down from Jiwoo's face and all fell onto her skirt of her uniform. Her hair was also completely soaked, but even worse was that the water also got on her white blouse, now showing through.

Quickly Jiwoo covered her upper body with her arms as she shut her eyes tightly. "Why?" She whispered to herself at her weakest.

From the side, a boy's voice could be heard laughing loudly. Eunji looked to the side where the laughter was coming from and saw Sunghoon standing there laughing, while Jay, who was standing next to him, had his hand over his mouth. His eyes hugely widened. He was clearly in shock from what Sunghoon had done.

"Are you crazy, Sunghoon!" Eunji shouted at him as she slammed her fist on the table harshly, causing everyone in the cafeteria to get startled. All attention was drawn on them.

Quickly, Eunji ran to the other side of the table and threw her coat, which she happened to have with her, over her best friend's shoulders so she wouldn't catch a cold.

Jiwoo quickly looked up when she heard his name fall out of Eunji's mouth. She saw Sunghoon standing there, who couldn't help it but laugh. She looked at Sunghoon angrily, but it didn't help. Instead of stopping laughing, he kept going, but this time even louder.

Jay gave him a punch with his elbow, only then did he stop. "Dude..."

Eunji gave Jiwoo a few pats on the back before giving her a hug from behind. "You'll be fine, I'll help you," She whispered in her ear, calming Jiwoo down a bit.

Sunghoon looked at Eunji in jealousy. "Stay away from her."


"Nothing," Sunghoon gulped quickly when he realized what he just said. His face turned red because of embarrassment.

"Let's go," Eunji said as she helped Jiwoo stand up from her seat. Both girls walked away from the two boys, Eunji's coat covering Jiwoo's upper body and Eunji's arm that was around her shoulder.

Sunghoon looked at them confused. "Where are you two going?" He asked the girls, who were about to run away quickly.

The girls both stopped in their tracks, turning around.

Eunji raised her eyebrow as she faced him. "To the bathrooms to change," she answered, "Where else, jerk?"

He didn't answer and stayed quiet. He quickly turned his head the other way, avoiding eye contact.

Eunji scoffed. "Let's just go, Jiwoo," she said as Jiwoo nodded up and down.

Then, both girls walked away from the boys, leaving them behind.


"I hate him," Jiwoo said as she looked at her soaked body in the mirror of the changing rooms of the school.

Again, she thought she looked like trash. But at least Sunghoon noticed her, right?

"I hate him even more than you hate him," Eunji said as she dried her best friend's hair with a towel, "I don't understand why he's suddenly acting like this."

Jiwoo giggled. "I've already told you, Eunji," she began, "He's going to bother me everyday because I dragged him along with me down the stairs."

She blushed at the thought. It will allow her to spend more time with him, allow her to talk to him, allow her to admire him.

But she never thought that he was going to bother her in this way, teasing her.

And she hated it.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door of the changing rooms, startling both girls.

"Who is that?" Jiwoo said as she looked at Eunji in the reflection of the mirror.

"We'll see," Eunji said as she removed the towel from Jiwoo's hair, placed it on the bench behind them and walked towards the door of the locker rooms.

When Eunji opened the door to the locker rooms, she was startled once again. "Jay, what are you doing here?"

Jiwoo, hearing Eunji's voice around the corner, rolled her eyes. That boy...

Jay held out his hand toward Eunji. On his palm was a white sweater. "Give this to Jiwoo," he said, "I had to give this to you from Sunghoon."

Eunji looked at the sweater in her boyfriend's hands for a while and then up at him as she raised her eyebrow. "Thank you?" She said in a questionable tone as she slowly grabbed the sweater from Jay's hands.

Jay, who had nothing more to say, turned around and walked away again. Eunji slowly closed the door.

"What's that?"

Eunji turned herself around. Jiwoo stood there, watching. Drops of water from the wet tips of her hair dripped onto the ground.

"It's a sweater," Eunji said as she offered the sweater to her, "I had to give it to you. Jay said I had to give this to you from Su-"

"Sunghoon," Jiwoo interrupted as she accepted the sweater from Eunji's hands.

Eunji rolled her eyes. That boy, really...

Eunji just can't stand him. His behavior. Just everything. Firstly, pouring water over her and then offering his sweater to her. It's not like we're in a movie?!

"I think you should put it on. I wonder how it suits you," Eunji suggested as she smiled at her best friend, who was still busy observing the sweater.

You could clearly smell his scent.

Jiwoo nodded a few times before changing into his sweater.

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