[ 11 ]

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"Here's your coffee, have a nice day," Jiwoo slid a coffee mug across the thin countertop to the cafe's customer as she flashed a smile on her face.

The customer accepted the coffee, gave a smile back to her and walked away, through the door to exit.

Today was finally weekend, this was her last day at work in the week before she could enjoy her days off. She also had a week and a half off from work because the cafe was temporarily closing for renovations.

Suddenly someone tapped her left shoulder. Jiwoo turned around to see that Eunji was standing there. "Could you take care of this order for table eleven?" She asked Jiwoo as she handed her a handwritten note, which read exactly what that table's requests were.

Jiwoo nodded up and down. "I will," she replied.

"Great," Eunji said with a smile and then walked away again to take orders from the remaining customers.

Jiwoo turned herself around to go prepare the order for the right table.

Suddenly, a door sounded that opened. Jiwoo ignored the sound and continued with what she was currently busy with. That was more important than a door.

"Excuse me," a boy's voice said a little after the door got opened.

"Mhm?" Jiwoo hummed in response. She turned herself around to see who was talking to her, but when she saw who was standing there from the other side of the counter, her heart began to beat faster and faster. It felt like her heart was going to explode any moment.



"Why did you come to see me?" Jiwoo asked him as she stopped walking.

Sunghoon, not realizing that she had stopped by now, walked on for a bit before stopping. Quickly he turned around. "Huh?"

"Why did you come to see me?" Jiwoo repeated her question one more time as she crossed her arms and took a few steps forward to get a better look at him.

It was dark by now. The sun had set and the moon at the top of the sky shone beautifully over the dark city.

After Jiwoo finished her work, Sunghoon decided to take her for a walk around the city. A late night walk. He loved it and therefore wanted to do his favorite thing with her.

"Who knows?" Sunghoon replied, "Maybe I just came for a drink? Maybe I just happened to see you behind the glass of that cafe? Maybe I came to see you for a reason?" He continued to list various possibilities as his lips formed a smirk.

"You're being annoying," Jiwoo said as she continued walking and once passed him, her shoulder bumping into his.

Sunghoon rolled his eyes and took a small run to end up back on the same path as her. Quickly, he took a big step forward and moved right in front of her, blocking Jiwoo's path to walk further ahead.

She almost crashed into his body, but stopped just in time. "What?"

"Since when are you so grumpy?" Sunghoon asked as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Grumpy?!" Jiwoo shouted across the city square in disbelief as she slapped his hand away. When she heard her voice echo in the air a few times, she flicked her hand over her mouth, knowing she was saying it too loud. She looked around, seeing that a few people were looking their way.

Jiwoo swallowed once before grabbing the collar of Sunghoon's blouse and pulling his body closer to hers. Sunghoon was startled by her action, but didn't show it in any way when that happened.

He felt a strange twist in his stomach. It tickled. He felt this feeling once before, also in front of Jiwoo. What are these strange things in my stomach? It feels annoying.

"Call me grumpy one more time and then expect a hard slap on your soft cheeks," Jiwoo threatened him before she released his collar again and pushed him back harshly by placing her hands on his chest.

Faster than light, Sunghoon placed his right hand on his chest, exactly where she had just pushed him. He felt his heart beating at a rapid rate.

Jiwoo turned herself around and took a few steps forward, causing Sunghoon to frown. "Jiwoo!" He called out quickly.

When he called her name, she turned her self around. Not completely, but just so she could see him fully. "What do you want?" She asked him coldly.

"Where are you going?" Sunghoon took a few steps forward to get closer to Jiwoo again.

"Home," Jiwoo replied shortly, not feeling like saying it in detail.

Suddenly, Jiwoo felt a hand come sliding around her wrist. She felt her heart rate go up with every second that his hand was around her wrist.

"Let me take you home," Sunghoon offered as he gently squeezed her wrist, "It's late and-"

"I'll manage myself. I'm not a kid anymore, after all," Jiwoo interrupted him as she removed her wrist from his grip, "I'll see you at school on Monday, Sunghoon."

Before she could even let Sunghoon get a word out of his mouth, Jiwoo quickly ran away from him. She left him there in the middle of the square, in the middle of the city, in the middle of the dark.

Sunghoon's eyes followed every step she took and disappeared into the distance, into the darkness, a moment later.

"I'll see you Monday, Jiwoo," Sunghoon muttered as he sighed and started making his way home too.

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