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"Jiwoo! Wake up!"

Jiwoo slowly woke up to someone shaking her almost to death. Her eyes opened slowly and gained vision steadily. All she saw was an empty classroom. She yawned and then sat up straight in her chair. "What is it? Who is this?" She asked as she rubbed her eyes tiredly.

The person who shook her awake sighed deeply. "Did you forget that you said to me that we would meet up after school and just fell asleep in the middle of class on a desk chair?"

Quickly, she shot up. She got up faster than light and turned herself around, seeing that Sunghoon was standing there with his arms crossed staring at her. Without saying anything, he grabbed his phone and pointed the camera at Jiwoo. Before Jiwoo could even move, Sunghoon took a picture of her.

"What are you doing?" Jiwoo asked annoyed as she tilted her head slightly.

Sunghoon almost choked as he looked back at the picture and then turned the phone around so Jiwoo could see what was on the screen.

Her eyes widened, "Park Sunghoon!" She squealed, "Delete that right now!"

It was a picture of her, of course, but it was genuinely awful. It looked like she had been dealing with a volcanic eruption. Her hair was a mess and she had bags under her eyes from sleeping.

Sunghoon couldn't do anything but laugh out loud as he put his phone back in his jacket pocket, "You look so ugly in that picture!"

Jiwoo looked at him with a blank and angry face. She bit her lower lip for a moment before taking a deep breath.

"What if I share this picture with the whole school and start making fun of you? That would be really great-"

"Don't you dare!" Jiwoo interrupted shrieking as she rushed at Sunghoon to take away his phone and remove the picture of her from his phone.

Sunghoon was startled and stopped laughing almost immediately. He quickly took a few steps backwards, "Not that aggressive!"

He grabbed his phone from his pocket and held it high in the air, so high that Jiwoo couldn't reach it. She jumped and tried everything to the then take that phone from him, but nothing worked. "Remove that picture now or-"

"Park Sunghoon and Yang Jiwoo!" A voice suddenly sounded very loud. Both of them were startled and both turned around at the same time, only to see that the principal of the school was standing there with his eyebrow raised. Both the boy and girl both gasped when they saw his face.

His facial expression, in fact, did not look particularly cheerful....

"What are you guys still doing at school? The school has been closed for half an hour!"

"I'm sorry," Sunghoon said as he bowed in apology, "But..."

Jiwoo looked at Sunghoon in shock. What do you mean but?

"But Jiwoo forced me to stay here."

Without even a moment's hesitation, Jiwoo poked her elbow right into Sunghoon's stomach, "You-" she hissed.

Sunghoon bit his lower lip in pain, but tried not to show it in any other way.

The principal sighed, "Go home and don't show yourself so late again."

"Yes, sir," Sunghoon bowed once more. Jiwoo remained silent again.

Suddenly, Sunghoon grabbed Jiwoo's wrist out of nowhere and dragged her along with him. They walked past the principal before leaving the school.

"Sunghoon, where are we going?" Jiwoo asked as she had to increase her steps because Sunghoon was walking to fast.

"Your home," He answered immediatly.

"My home?!" She shouted at him in disbelief, "My brother doesn't like it if I bring people home with me! Especially not if they are boys!"

"I don't care, let's just go."


"You knock on the door," Sunghoon forced Jiwoo to knock on the door of her house.

After a few minutes of walking, they had finally arrived at Jiwoo's house, but now that they were there, Jiwoo felt a lot of nerves. What if her brother gets mad at her for bringing Sunghoon with her?

"No, you do it!" Jiwoo said as she gave him a light, playful push on his shoulder.

Sunghoon looked at Jiwoo, who obviously didn't feel like knocking on the door. "But it's not my house," Sunghoon said with a grin on his face, "So you have to do it!"

Jiwoo took a deep breath before bringing a clenched fist towards the front door and finally knocking on it after a few seconds of hesitation.

The door opened quickly, which showed Jungwon in an oversized sweater with sweatpants, "Jiwoo! Where have you been? I was worried..." Jungwon's words faded away when he saw a boy standing next to Jiwoo. Sunghoon smiled kindly at him. "Who is this guy?" Jungwon asked in a serious, cold tone as he stared at his little sister with frowned eyebrows.

"I'm Park Sunghoon," Sunghoon introduced himself to Jungwon before Jiwoo could even get a word out of her mouth, "And I'm.... Jiwoo her friend."

Jungwon raised his eyebrow at him, "Is that true, Jiwoo?"

Jiwoo quickly nodded up and down, "Yes it is."

"Come on in now; you'll get sick otherwise," Jungwon turned himself around and walked up the stairs to the first floor while leaving the front door open for his little sister and that guy Sunghoon whom he has never heard of before.

Sunghoon and Jiwoo both stepped inside. Sunghoon closed the door behind him. "I told you, my brother doesn't like other people," Jiwoo said immediately to Sunghoon as she turned herself to face him, "Don't pay attention to him, please."

"Oh, don't worry. I won't," Sunghoon shook his head as he showed a brief smile.

Jiwoo smiled back at him before walking into the living room.

Sunghoon stayed in the hallway of her house for a second and took out his phone. He opened his gallery and clicked on the last picture taken on his phone. A big smile appeared on his face from just looking at that picture. The picture of Jiwoo.

"Sunghoon, are you coming?"

Screaming interrupted his smile. Quickly he put his phone away again, "Yes! I'm coming!"

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