Chapter 9: Accident's Happen

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No One's Pov

The day was going rather slow, Jaune was inside the book store, letting out a sigh as he rested his elbow on the counter. It had been a week since the meeting with Ozpin and Ironwood and villainy was rather slow. He looked over at the corner, seeing a few boxes he had unpack and shelf. He looked over at the camera in the store and knee it wasn't real, only for cosmetic purposes and to scare people. Jaune turned the dials and transformed into XLR8. He cracked his neck and used the Aliens speed to stack and mark all the books, even sweeping and mopping the floors in a mater of minutes. He then changed back and was now bored again.

Jaune: something happen please!

He banged his head on the desk. The door dinged as someone came inside. Jaune shot up, the man had white flowing hair, his skin was rather yellow, and his teeth crooked.

???: Good evening boy, I wish to purchase any books you have on Grimm and the molecular structure of animals

Jaune: sure, I think I have a few in the back, one minute please.

He walked to the back and looked through.the books they had, he smiled as he had found about six different books about Grimm, and two on animals and their antimony.

Jaune: alright, and that'll be $52.67

He reached into his wallet and pulled out a $100

Jaune: alright, and your change is $47.33

???: Thank you... Ben

Jaune: hey, how did you know my name?

???: Your name tag, you Simpleton

He looked down at his shirt and saw his name tag

Jaune: oh yeah, whoops. Well uh, have a nice day Mr...?

???: That's doctor to you boy, Dr. Aloysius James Animo.

He grabbed his books and stormed out, slamming.the door on his way out.

Jaune: someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

He looked up at the clock and smiled

Jaune: yes, my shifts over in a few minutes, hopefully Komi is home. I really need some cuddles.

He looked down at the Omnitrix, he tilted his head as it made a small spark.

Jaune: for being the most powerful weapon in the universe, I can't believe you can't tell time, I mean you're a watch for crying out loud.

The time passed and Jaune closed up the store, he let out a sigh of relief as he locked the doors and quickly walked away and down the street. As he was walking, an explosion happened, he rushed to see what it was, he saw that a truck had pulled up to a building and people were loading electronics, phones, and even people. Jaune couldn't see the bad guys as they were clouded by smoke.

Jaune: hey!

One of them looked at him, all he was able to see was a singular red pupil they brought out pistols of some kind and.began to shoot lasers at him, he moved and dodged into an alley. He turned the dial on the Omnitrix

Jaune: alright.then, let's see if I can give these people a hand, four of them!

He slammed his hand down onto the watch

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