Chapter 3: Brains and Brawn

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Jaune was in his school uniform. He had finished brushing his teeth and combing his hair. He smiled as he looked at himself in the mirror. He would be looking like al the normal kids....

Jaune: ... yeah this won't due.

He unbuttoned his vest and made his tie all messy. He smiled and winked at himself in the mirror.

Jaune: ... thats a little to much.

He fixed his vest up, but left two unbuttoned and left his tie untied. He looked in the mirror again, but this time he ruffled his hair a bit. He smiled gunfingered the mirror

Jaune: ... gods im corny

He walked out of his new apartment, supported by Tukson until Jaune can pay for it himself, and out. He made it to a bus stop and it drove him all the way to school.


Jaune was in the library with Komi. He has had an eventful day. Most of the guys hate him because he got to Komi in just minutes and they have been trying for months. Jaune was currently working on a math equation.

Jaune: wait so am i solving for seven or am i solving for X and Y?

He hasked as he looked at the girl. She gave him the same blank stare she gives everyone. They stared at each other. She eventually nodded and looked down at her book. She wrote down something and showed Jaune.

Komi: 'Im going to use the bathroom, I'll be back in 15 minutes'

Jaune: s-sure thing.

She got up and walked out. Jaune gulped as he lookat her body, but focused on her thighs. She walked out of the door. He looked around and saw no one else was in the library. He smirked as he slammed his hand down on the watch

Jaune laughed maniacally, but quickly stopped when he noticed he was on the floor.

Jaune: ... oh poop

(5 minutes later)

He had managed to climb the chair again after figuring out that he could stick to surfaces like a lizard. He grabbed the pencil and let out a "hm" as he looked at the math equation.

Jaune: why do I need to think? I know this

He wrote down the answer like it was nothing. He smiled as he looked at the other math problems. He finished those oned as well and laughed like a maniac as he had finished his homework like it was nothing.

Jaune: woo! Go- uh... what do i call this one?

He looked at his hands and they were a grey color. He let out another hm as he chuckled

Jaune: Greymatter! Go Greymatter, Go Greymatter, Go-ah!

He had fallen off the table and his back his the ground... hard. He saw up and heard the Omnitrix sparking.

Jaune: awe man

It stopped sparking. He heard it start to make a siren noise signaling its time out sequence

Jaune: finally

The siren finished... but he was still Greymatter

Jaune: .....  I BROKE IT!

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