Vol. 2 Chapter 4: Inter-Dimentional Pt. 1

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No One's Pov

It has been a month since the Loboan incident I'm Vale, the CCT tower had been rebuilt and is now fully functional. It's also been a month since Jaune got his new alien partner, a Revonnahgander, by the name of Rook Blonko. They were currently at Mr. Smoothie's, Jaune drinking his favorite flavor, while Rook was still staring at his.

Rook: I still do not get the Remnantien custom of a smoothie? It is rather thick and not very smooth.

Jaune: well, it's custom for me. I've been loving this place since I was little, they had one where I use to live before I came to Beacon

Rook: speaking of Beacon, is it true that you were kicked out just months ago? Due to problems within the school?

Jaune: how'd you learn about that?

Rook: it is part of a section in the textbooks at the Plumber academy

Jaune: there's a book about me?

Rook: two chapters

Jaune: good enough... And yes that did happen, but it's a sensitive topic

Rook: I see, I'm sorry if I caused you any discomfort

Jaune: no, you're okay dude. I just, don't like taking about it because it just leads me back to my family

Rook: what about them?

Jaune: it's just that... They-they abandoned me after my transcripts and never got a chance to explain to them. Just turned their backs on me, but now that I'm not dead and got the Omnitrix, they want to act as if they didn't think anything happened

Rook: have you agreed to contact them?

Jaune: No... My sister, Safron, is the only one I have contact with, she didn't abandon me and wanted me to come and stay with her for a while. But then I got the Omnitrix and that never happened

Rook: I see; did you get any fighting lessons before Beacon?

Jaune: no, it's partially my fault since I wanted to go to Beacon ever since I was little, but I could never afford training and no one from my town was a Huntsman, while I was attending Beacon, my teammate was teaching me. But then the whole BS about my transcripts happened.

Rook: hmm, if you wish. I could teach you basics on hand-to-hand combat.

Jaune: really?

Rook: it would be my pleasure. After all, not many get to teach the most powerful man in the universe anything

Jaune: well, I don't know about most powerful. But I'll definitely take you up on that offer. I can't always rely on my aliens to get me out of situations.

Rook: a wise choice.

They tapped their cups together and drank their smoothies.

Jaune: how about we get out of here, I can show you the sights of Vale, and maybe we can kick some butts too.

Rook: please do, I would love to learn about your plants custom's and habits.

As they got up, their was a rumble to the ground

Jaune: *Sigh* not even five seconds and something is about to happen.

They both looked up as Sirens went off around Vale

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