Vol. 2 Chapter 3: What the dog doin'?

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No One's Pov

Inside the hospital, Jaune was laying in the bed sleeping. His body temperature slowly began to rise as he was hyperventilating, gritting his teeth as he tossed and turned in the bed. He began to growl as his teeth slowly turned into fangs, he rolled out of the bed, his growls becoming more animalistic as he rose from the ground and snarled.


Ruby and Blake were on their way towards Jaune's hospital room, as they were worried about his safety from being slashed in the stomach. Upon entering his room, they were shocked to find it a complete mess, the bed was tossed to the other side of the room, curtains ripped to shreds and claw marks all over the walls. The door had closed and they didn't notice a green pair of eyes staring at them. It slowly stood up and reached his hands at them, but Blake's ear twitch, she spun around and aimed her weapon at the figure, as did Ruby.

Jaune: wait! Don't shoot!!

The looked confused as Jaune had walked out of the shadows and showed his hair had changed color, from its golden blonde to a pitch black and his once blue eyes were now green. He gradually grew taller, and his clothes ripped on him from being to tight.

Blake: *He smells like a dog!?*

Ruby: Jaune!? What happened!?

Jaune: I-I don't know! I was helping these cops with a case and then they got attack and I pushed them out of the way, but then I passed out and woke up like this!

He threw his arms up in frustration, now noticing that his skin had turned into a turned from his normal skin tone, to a pale grey. Jaune sat down and began to whimper, not knowing what to do

Ruby: m-maybe we can fix this. I'll go get a doctor!!

She used her speed to rush out of the room, leaving Jaune and Blake alone. She took a step back from Jaune, being able to smell that he is part wolf now.

Blake: so you really don't know what happened?

Jaune: No

His eyes widened as he growled and hunched over, his clothes ripped more as he great a bit bigger, growing more hair on his face and ripping his shoes, and his finger nails sharpening into claws. Once it was over, he looked down at himself

Jaune: awe man

Ruby came back in, panting a bit, but with no doctor

Ruby: okay! So, um apparently Jaune is under quarantine, they think he has a disease of some kind.... Did he get bigger and more hairy?

Blake rolled her eyes at Ruby, who just held her arms up as if she said something wrong


Ruby and Blake had gone outside of the hospital and near the dumpster

Blake: this is the best plan you could come up with?

Ruby: no, I just needed some payback

Blake: for what?

Ruby: when he called me slow

The tube above the dumpster began to shake a bit as they heard Jaune's echoed screams, the became louder as he fell out and into the dumpster. He slowly rose up, having an annoyed expression and a banana peel on his head.

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