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Hearing his name made him turn around. In front of him she stood, holding a light blue umbrella that protected her head from the rain. Her beautiful, long hair blew in the wind. Behind her was the city, where not a single other person could be seen. It was empty, lonely.

Seeing her felt like a dream come true.

"Jiwoo? Is that you?" Sunghoon said surprised as he threw the hood of his yellow raincoat over his head. His hair was already partly wet.

The girl standing a few feet in front of him chuckled. "Who else, fool!" Jiwoo giggled and walked over to Sunghoon.

When she reached him, she also held the umbrella partially over Sunghoon's head. "You still look the same after not seeing each other for three years," Jiwoo explained.

Sunghoon chuckled. "Neither do you!"

Both of them laughed for a moment, but they both fell silent a little after.

There was a brief silence between the two. Sunghoon looked away for a moment and swallowed before turning his head back to Jiwoo.

"But... How are you still alive?" Sunghoon asked suddenly.

Jiwoo frowned her eyebrows. "Because I'm just alive?"

"No, but I mean... I mean, the news said you had died and-"

"I'm still alive, Sunghoon," Jiwoo quickly interrupted him before the boy could continue speaking. "I'm alive, you see me, right?" She pointed to her face. "You see this? My face?"

Sunghoon looked at Jiwoo's face and then stared at her in the eyes. He nodded.

"If I had been dead you wouldn't have been able to see this, Hoon! So don't be stupid and believe me for once," Jiwoo said as she grabbed Sunghoon's hands. Sunghoon entwined their fingers with each other.

Suddenly, a loud, long-lasting beeping sounded in the ears of both Sunghoon and Jiwoo.

"Ah!" Jiwoo groaned as she dropped the light blue umbrella. She covered her hands with her ears to try and muffle the squeak, but unfortunately nothing was of use. Sunghoon, while, was not bothered by the beep at all, as if the beep in Jiwoo's ears was a lot louder.

Jiwoo plopped down on her knees on the ground in a puddle of rainwater. Sunghoon's eyes widened in fear and quickly crouched down in front of Jiwoo. He placed one of his hands on her shoulder and the other under her chin.

"Jiwoo! Are you all right?" Sunghoon asked worriedly, but Jiwoo didn't answer. Quickly he lifted her chin up with his hand. "Jiwoo! Answer me! Are you okay?"

"AHH!" Jiwoo screamed once more. Sunghoon flinched.

"JIWOO!" Sunghoon shouted.

Jiwoo looked Sunghoon straight in the eye as her eyes began to fill with tears. "Help me~" She said softly.

Sunghoon frowned his eyebrows and bit his lower lip.

"Help me!" Jiwoo cried out as tears rolled down her cheeks. She didn't even give Sunghoon a chance to speak.

Suddenly, Jiwoo disappeared slowly. All that remained was a white cloud of smoke on the place where she was sitting.

Sunghoon's eyes widened in shock as he stood up again. He spun three circles and looked around carefully.

"Jiwoo? Where are you?" He asked, confused, scared but also worried at the same time. "JIWOO!"


Sunghoon looked up at the sky with tears in his eyes. Raindrops fell on his face and rolled down his cheeks. All that was left to see on the streets was Jiwoo her light blue umbrella.

"JIWOO!" He shouted once more.


"Sunghoon! Sunghoon, wake up! Sunghoon?"

He heard faded and muffled voices of boys calling his name. His eyes were still closed, but he was awake. Maybe still a little sleepy....

He felt hands on his shoulders shaking him up and down. It felt like he was on a roller coaster. His whole head was dangling back and forth.

"I'm already awake," Sunghoon mumbled and then yawned. "Where am I? Am I in heaven?"

"PARK SUNGHOON!" The person holding him let go and slapped him on the cheek, causing Sunghoon's eyes to open instantly in shock.

Quickly he rubbed his cheek with his hand and turned around to see who was with him. His eyes widened. "Jungwon and Jake?" Sunghoon shouted. "What am I doing here? Why am I not dead?"

Jungwon rolled his eyes and scoffed. "Why do you suddenly want to die so badly?" He asked flabbergasted.

Jake sighed deeply and patted Sunghoon, who was still on the bed, on the shoulder. "Jiwoo may be dead, which of course we're all extremely sad about, but we have to keep going."

"She's not dead," Sunghoon stated out of thin air.

Jungwon and Jake looked at each other at the same time and frowned. They both looked back in Sunghoon's direction, who was sitting upright in bed by now.

"What do you... What do you mean she's not dead?" Jake stuttered as he looked at Sunghoon, confused.

Jungwon slowly shook his head back and forth as he bit his lower lip. "There's no way. It was on the news and-"

"She's alive!" Sunghoon shouted, interrupting Jungwon in his sentence. "Believe me!"

"How are you so sure?" Jake asked as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

Sunghoon pulled his knees toward him and hugged them. He bit his lower lip. "Jiwoo... I saw her."

"Where? How?" Jungwon asked directly.

"Shh!" Jake put his index finger to his lips. "Let him finish."

Jungwon sighed deeply and rolled his eyes.

"I saw her in my dream and I-."

"Bullshit!" Jungwon interrupted shouting. "You can always see someone in your dreams, but know that dreams are deceitful! All lies and not reality."

Sunghoon angrily slammed his fist into the wall, creating a hole in it.

Jake's eyes widened in surprise and Jungwon's mouth fell open. "Dude, you're destroying my whole house!" Jungwon shouted.

"She told me she was alive!" Sunghoon continued his story as if nothing else had happened. "It felt so real. I felt her presence. Everything was right. Suddenly she was screaming for help, but you woke me up in that moment so badly needed!"

Jake moved closer to Sunghoon until he was finally sitting next to him. He put an arm around him. "What are you trying to say with this?" Jake asked.

"The dream must have been a sign or something like that," Sunghoon stated. "I want to go with both of you to the burial center and to Jiwoo's found body and do a mission there. I don't care how angry you guys are going to get because of that, but I need to know.

I need to know if she's alive."

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