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The wind blew through her hair and the sun shone in her eyes. The fresh smell of cut grass was all she could smell and she heard the birds in the trees whistling at her.

She had missed the sounds of people talking, children laughing, cars in traffic and dogs barking at each other immensely.

But then again, she had actually missed everything.

She is just very grateful that now she can experience everything again instead of being locked up in a house with the curtains closed. She had never gotten sunlight in her face.

Also one of the reasons she got paler skin.

A wide smile was on her face as she walked, almost hopping, through the park. The trees grown full of leaves made her feel good and connected with the nature of the park.

She looked up at the sky to see a white silhouette of an airplane. She giggled as she hopped on, but suddenly bumped into someone.

Both persons fell backwards onto the path of the park. Jiwoo groaned in pain and rubbed her head with her hand.

"Sorry, it's my fault! I'm very sorry!" Jiwoo quickly apologized without looking at the person she had bumped into.

In the corner of her eye, she saw the person in front of her stand up. The person took a step forward and extended his hand. "Stand up," A boy's voice said coldly.

Jiwoo swallowed and accepted the person's hand. She stood up with the boy's help and stayed in front of him for a moment. "I'm sorry," She apologized once more.

"It's partly my fault too, so don't worry about it. I wasn't paying attention either because of the music playing on my headphones."

Jiwoo frowned her eyebrows as the boy spoke. His voice was fairly familiar to her. She thought and thought about who it could possibly be.

And then came the realization.

Quickly she looked up at the boy's face and enlarged her eyes when she saw him.


The one and only Park Sunghoon she missed for so long she had just bumped into.

"Why are you looking at me so strangely?" Sunghoon asked as he raised his eyebrow out of curiosity.

Jiwoo shook her head and looked down at their feet.

It felt just like their first meeting, that they were interacting like that too, only this time they fortunately didn't fall from such a high height.

He probably didn't recognize her. Her new hair and style of makeup must have made a big difference.

"If you don't answer, it seems better for me to go now," Sunghoon sighed as he rolled his eyes and took a step aside to walk past Jiwoo and continue his walk.

Jiwoo quickly turned around and saw Sunghoon walking away. Quickly she ran after him and grabbed his hand. She turned him around.

"What do you want? Don't touch me!" Sunghoon said, almost shouting as he wrenched his hand from Jiwoo's.

"Park Sunghoon," Jiwoo said his name, suddenly, to give him a sign that she knows her.

Sunghoon frowned his eyebrows in surprise. "How-"

"You are Park Sunghoon, 21 years old," Jiwoo interrupted him. "Do you remember me?"

The boy bit his lower lip as he stared the girl in the face for a long time. He quickly grabbed his phone and opened his gallery.

"What are you doing?" Jiwoo asked flustered.

Sunghoon clicked on the picture of Jiwoo as she woke up in the classroom and her hair looked like a mess. He held the photo next to Jiwoo's face and compared the faces.

After checking a few times, Sunghoon gasped and dropped his phone to the floor. The screen broke.

Without saying a word, Sunghoon wrapped his arms around Jiwoo her body and put his head in her neck. He ran his hand through her hair. "Yang Jiwoo, I missed you," He hummed in her ear.

Jiwoo's lips formed a smile as she came to hear her name from his mouth. She wrapped her arms around him as well as her cheeks began to color red. She was basically blushing. "I missed you too, Sunghoon."

Sunghoon interrupted the hug and cupped Jiwoo's cheeks. He slowly leaned forward with his face and slowly closed his eyes.

Lovingly, he gently pressed his lips upon hers. The taste of her lip gloss savoured Sunghoon on his own lips as he enjoyed the moment of finally holding her again and touching her again. He missed it.

He missed her.

Jiwoo her heart skipped a beat. Her entire stomach felt like a butterfly garden.

The kiss she waited for for so long was a dream coming true.

He slowly let go of her lips, but pressed his against hers a second later again. This time, the kiss deepened even more.

Finally, they were reunited with each other again. Finally they were in each other's presence again.

Her day couldn't get any better.

And neither could his.

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