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"So Jiwoo, let's start with a few simple questions. Is it true that two days ago in the evening at 9 p.m. you were at a company party with the victim of the murder?"

Jiwoo looked up at the police officer sitting across from her with an angry, but serious look. Next to the other policeman, Jay was sitting with a laptop, writing down all kinds of things.

She nodded her head up and down, not intending to say a word at the moment unless she really had no other choice.

The police officer hummed briefly as Jay tapped busily on his keyboard.

"Is it true that your name was changed from Yang Jiwoo to Kang Yerin, so as to hide under a fake name in case something happens in connection with the police?"



Suddenly Jiwoo slammed her fist hard on the table and stood up from her chair in anger. Her face really looked like a tomato. "You guys are crazy!" Jiwoo screamed. "How come you guys ask these stupid things instead of letting me explain my story first!"

"This is bullshit, Jiwoo," Jay said as he rolled his eyes. "Just admit you're a murderer!"

"Do you know what even happened to me, Jay? I've been assaulted, forced to dot things and more! Why don't you guys believe me!" Jiwoo screamed as her eyes began to fill with tears. Those tears didn't stay in her eyes for long because it was too heavy to hold them back. They rolled down her cheeks with immense speed and dropped on the ground.

Jay scoffed and shook his head. "I don't believe anything-"

The other police officer smacked a hand in front of Jay's mouth and shook his head. "Let her finish," he whispered to the boy next to him.

Jay sighed and smacked the other cop's hand out of his way.

Jiwoo sat back down in her chair and sobbed a few times. "I was literally just a normal girl in school, as everyone knows. A new teacher arrived at school and told me his name was Mr. Choi, or something like that. He said one time after school that he had documents for me in his car and if I could come along to look at them.

As you might expect, I went along. I was curious to see what would be in those documents. Once we arrived at his car, he dove into his car. It took a fairly long time and I asked if he was almost done.

Suddenly he hit me hard that I even lost my balance. I fell to the ground and he bent over me. He beat me up until I was finally unconscious. I had no idea what I was capable of or why he attacked me so suddenly.

I woke up in a room, a dark one. I was awake for a few seconds and the door was already being flung open by a man named Mr. Park. He told me that he was Sunghoon's father. He said I was kidnapped because he didn't want me to go near Sunghoon.

Later I was picked up by two boys and taken to my new home. One of those boys had drugged me right on the first night and did something to me.

He touched me in places where I felt unsafe and uncomfortable. Actually, he touched me everywhere. I just about managed not to get pregnant, thankfully. But it's just shit that this has to happen that way.

It went on like that all those days later and I wanted to escape. That night of that murder I tried to escape, but the boy found me and beat me up. I grabbed my heel and stabbed him in the heart, not knowing that I would kill him with it.

I just wanted to defend myself from getting assaulted once again and really not wanted to hurt anyone. Now that the situation is continuing in this way, I am just very sad. I thought I was finally free, but now I'm sitting here, handcuffed and telling my story.

But that's hard when no one is listening to it. So please, believe me."

Jay and the other agent fell silent. The agent bit his lower lip and shook his head in disbelief. He saw the tears running down the girl's cheeks and felt genuine pity for her. That she had to go through all this hurt his heart.

After all, his wife had also died by suicide due to the things what also happened to Jiwoo.

He hated to think about it. It hurted him and he felt bad that the same had happened to her. She was only 18 years old back then.

Jay, on the other hand, thought it was a nonsense story. He thought it was pure lies and a set up story. She had probably rehearsed it if this moment would come and if the police would arrest her. After everything, he couldn't change his point of view.

A murderer is and remains a murderer too...


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