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Jake walked restlessly through the hallways of the police station. Time and again a cop walked by talking about Jiwoo, and it scared him.

He was worried when Jiwoo said she could take care of it herself. He knew her too well, after all these years, Jiwoo has never been good at solving anything on her own. And now he felt stupid that she wouldn't let him help her get out of jail.

Sighing, Jake sat down on a bench. He leaned his back against the wall as he sat staring ahead with an emotionless look on his face.

Should he be worried about Jiwoo? Would everything be okay with her?


Jake looked up quickly when he heard his name. He saw Sunghoon walking there at the end of the hallway. He was coming toward him.

He was looking tired. He had eyebags under his eyes and he was walking tiredly. He basically had to drag his feet along with him.

"Hi," Jake greeted as Sunghoon sat down next to him on the bench. "You okay?"

Sunghoon shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know if I'm okay. I just feel weird, tired and sick."

"I understand," Jake said as he nodded up and down in understanding. "By the way, Jiwoo is on a meeting with the police right now to tell her story there. Now it's hoping if her story is good enough to be getting acquitted."

Sunghoon nodded briefly up and down before staring ahead.

A silence fell. No one was talking, no faint voices could be heard and not even a sound of footsteps from far away were not audible. It felt empty, lonely.

But it was not lonely, for at least you had someone by your side.

Both boys sighed at the same time. "Do you think-"


Loud shouts and a harsh bang interrupted Jake as he was about to ask Sunghoon something.

Sunghoon flinched and looked up when he suddenly heard someone cursing. He enlarged his eyes and Jake froze in place with his mouth still hanging open.

Jake leaned closer to Sunghoon, his lips close to his ear. "Who is that?"

The other boy was startled when words were suddenly whispered in his ear. Then he held up his shoulders. "I don't know," He whispered back to Jake. "Let's see."

He stood up and tiptoed to the end of the hallway. He sneaked a look around the corner and saw Jay standing there at a desk. His back was facing Sunghoon's face.

Jake came running as well a moment later and also peeked around the corner with him.

Jay ran his hands through his hair as he banged his fist against the desk a few more times. He sighed deeply. "This can't be happening!" He yelled to himself. "This is impossible! She can't be acquitted over a stupid story! There's no way she was sexually assaulted!"

Sunghoon gasped as he heard the last sentence, but just loud enough for Jay to hear it. He frowned and turned around feeling caught.

Quickly Jake and Sunghoon turned around and pinned themselves to the wall with their backs so Jay couldn't see them and therefore couldn't catch them eavesdropping.

Meanwhile, Sunghoon's eyes began to fill with tears. Raped? Jiwoo... Was she assaulted?

Without saying a word, Sunghoon ran up the other, out of the hallway, looking for Jiwoo.

She'd been acquitted, so she had to be out here somewhere in this building on the loose.

Jake, who frowned when Sunghoon suddenly ran away, watched him disappear from view.

He took a step forward, intending to run after his friend, but stopped after the very first step when he heard Jay continue talking to himself.

His eyes widened.

"She was dead! How is she still alive?" Jay continued, whispering, but loud enough for Jake to overhear it. "I have to kill her before it's too late..."



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