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The moon was at the top of the sky and I stared at it. The moonlight shone in my eyes and the wind whispered through the trees. It was cold. Shivers ran down my entire body.

It didn't feel right.

I looked around and saw that I was in fact surrounded by trees. Pine trees, the ones you often see in a forest. I think I was actually in a forest.

It was lonely and alone. Only the wind that made the trees blow and the leaves rustle across the ground made the only sound and gave the surroundings a scary atmosphere.

I wanted to leave, because something was not right.

Once more I looked up at the sky. The shining moon was disappearing behind a large, dark cloud. Suddenly it began to rain. Everything fell on me. Everything around me remained dry. Only I got wet. Just me.

My hair got soaking wet and my shirt that I was wearing stuck to my body. My shoes sank into the mud beneath me.

And then everything stood still.

I couldn't walk, couldn't run, and for a moment it even felt like I couldn't breathe. But even though I had that feeling, my heart was beating massively. I was sinking.

"Help!" I called out, but no one was near me. I was alone and I had to get myself out of this. But maybe Jiwoo was there? "Jiwoo!" I called out her name.

"She can't hear you, Sunghoon," a familiar voice sounded from behind my back. My rapidly beating heart stood still for a second.

Why him? At such a moment?

"Why are you here, Dad? I told you I never wanted to see or speak to you again!"

My father appeared before me with someone unconscious in his hands. I squeezed my eyes shut slightly to see who he was carrying. Quickly I gasped for breath. "Jiwoo!" I called out, even though I knew full well that she was unconscious and couldn't hear me.

I turned my head toward my father, angry. "What did you do to her! Let her go!" I took a step forward, but I got no further. That's how stupid I was, to forget that I was still stuck in that mud.

But how was I stuck? I'm supposed to be able to step out of this mud puddle easily, right? I'm trapped here! How so?

I tried one more time to step out of the mud, but nothing worked. My father started laughing and put Jiwoo down on the ground. "You know why you can't get out of that mud puddle? Because you're not strong enough. Never stronger than I am. You never should have said those words of yours to me. You'll regret it."

As if I were a crybaby, tears ran down my cheeks.

Wait... why am I crying? I'm not sad at all, but I'm angry!

"You're weak and you can't compete with me," My father continued as he bent down and picked up a large stone from the ground. He held it above Jiwoo's head.

My eyes widened. "NO! Don't!" I yelled, but all my father did was put a big smirk on his smile and slowly removed all his fingers one by one from the stone.

"Bye, Jiwoo."


Sunghoon shot upright as his breath became heavier and heavier. He breathed in and out a few times and quickly looked around. He was still in Jiwoo's hospital room.

He looked to his side and saw Jiwoo still just lying there quietly. He sighed in relief as he put his hand on his heart.

A nightmare. Another one.

But this nightmare was the worst of all and it felt just like that dream as the one in which he felt that Jiwoo was alive, which was really the case.

Was this dream a sign again? Or just a nonsense dream?

Sunghoon sighed deeply and ran his hand through his hair. Slowly he got up from bed and walked towards the bathroom with one last look at Jiwoo.

He turned on the faucet at the bathroom sink, made a bowl of his hands and held it below. His hands filled with water, which he threw a moment later or his face.

He looked up at himself in the mirror, but flinched when he saw his father standing behind him with a smile.

Sunghoon gasped and turned around, but strangely, no one was there at all. He bit his lower lip and shook his head in disbelief. "I must have gone crazy," he whispered to himself as he turned back around. One more time he looked at his reflection in the mirror.

There was indeed no one there.

"What the fuck..."

Sunghoon became stressed and played with his fingers a bit. His legs began to tremble in fear. Fear of what?  What was he afraid of? Of his father?

That would be really pathetic.

No, he wasn't afraid of that.

Then what was he afraid of? Of something happening to himself?

Close enough.

Then what?

Knock Knock....

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