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"And.... Your eyes may open!"

Jiwoo removed her hands in front of her eyes and her mouth fell open as she looked at the sight in front of her. She looked back at Sunghoon with a shocked face and then back at the sight in front of her. "Wow! I just don't have words for this."

Sunset. Not just an ordinary sunset. The sky did not color red, orange, yellow. No, it was pink and purple with a tiny streak of light blue. The clouds colored baby pink and the sky itself was purple-blueish. The colors and clouds reflected in the waving water of the sea.

Sunghoon knew she loved the sunset so he took her to his favorite spot. It was a spot further into the country, more on the shore.

He had pushed the wheelchair with Jiwoo in it up on top of a dune, the highest dune there was, so they could get a great view of the surroundings and see everything clearly.

The waves clattered against the pier and grains of sand colored darker by the salt water.

"What do you think?" Sunghoon asked with a broad smile on his face, also enjoying the beautiful sight in front of him.

Once again, Jiwoo turned her head to Sunghoon. "I love this! It's beautiful! I haven't seen such beauty in years."

"What about me? Am I not 'such beauty'?"

Jiwoo gasped. "No. No! You are much more beautiful than this!"

Sunghoon chuckled. "I was just kidding," He laughed and looked up at the sky. A black silhouette of a seagull flew by.

Jiwoo turned her head back to the sky as well.

The boy took a step forward, stood in front of Jiwoo and held out both his hands. "Let's take a walk together."

Jiwoo looked up at Sunghoon. The sun was shining in her eyes, making her eyes sparkle. She put hands on his ones, causing him to interlock their fingers in response.

Slowly, she rose from her wheelchair. Her feet were automatically somewhat buried under the sand.

Sunghoon slowly took steps backward, while she girl took the right one forward. They did so carefully, making sure Jiwoo would not fall.

"I can walk!" Jiwoo said cheerfully as her feet continued to take steps.

"Stand still here," Sunghoon said suddenly.

Jiwoo did as he said. Out of nowhere, Sunghoon released her hands, forcing her to balance for a moment.

Sunghoon looked her straight in the eye. "Jiwoo," he began." I brought you here because I want to say something and ask you something. This took me months of preparation. While you were still in a coma, I didn't know if you would wake up, but I prepared for this moment anyway.

In all those tough periods when you were gone, in a coma, all I thought about was you. Every girl who thought you were dead long ago kept asking me for a date, but I had hope that you were still alive. I've been madly in love with you all this time. That time without you was a very hard time. I was depressed, stopped eating and looked neglected.

But, now you are back. We can do things together again and now that I can talk to you again, look you in the eye, everything feels so different again. It feels like when we first fell in love with each other. It feels almost nostalgic."

Jiwoo fell silent. His words were beautiful. He was beautiful. They sun shone like a spotlight on the couple, which made the moment even more magnificent.

"We live in a tough world," Sunghoon continued. "But together we will get through this. And I promise you I'll stay with you forever. That's why I want to ask you something."

Sunghoon dug into the inside pocket of his coat and pulled out a box. Jiwoo's eyes widened as Sunghoon got down on one knee. In a nice, smooth motion, the boy opened the box, which showed a ring.

A glistening ring in the sun.

"Jiwoo," Sunghoon said. "Will you marry me?"

All she could do was slam her hand in front of her mouth and burst into tears. She quickly nodded her head up and down. "Yes!"

Sunghoon sighed in relief and smiled happily. He carefully slid the ring on her finger, stood up and lifted his now newly fiancée into the air. He spun a few laps with her in her arms before setting her back on the sand and giving her a kiss on her lips.

It all happened as the sun was setting.

What a harsh world, but such a beautiful day. What a beautiful girl, what a beautiful boy.

What a perfect day.

From now on, things can only get better.

"Together we will be happy."


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