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The clouds roared, a sign that they would soon begin pouring down as the always chaotic chambeli bazaar was filled with people. It was always raining on this side of the city. Thus, the shopkeepers covered their stalls with plastic ready for the downpour.

Amongst the crowd, the black haired girl, wearing red kurti shalwar glided towards the bangles stall across the roadside dragging along a tired looking, curly haired, four-eyed girl cladded in short frock with jeans.

"Pyaar ki barish." Gule chirped, her thick black strands drenching wet under the rain water constantly falling on top. Her silk dupatta absorbed the water making the material feel heavier over her shoulders.

"Ho gaya tumhara? Ab chalein wapis?" Radwa, her best friend, whined trying to cover her head with her arm under the rain. Fixing her glasses, which were on the bridge of her nose dripping water droplets. Her curly strands were now fully wet and straight, her head already spinning with the thought of the bomb which would explode in them later.

"You're so boring. Thora tou enjoy karny do mujhy." Gule's brown eyes wondered over the stall of colourful bangles. They finally caught sight of the set of red ones and she cheerfully pointed at them. "Yeh wali chooriyan dy dein."

The rain grew faster increasing Radwa's impatience. They were both fully wet by now. Her view was blurry and her wet clothes were uncomfortable in every possible way.

Gule seemed completely unbothered, fully enjoying the weather. She'd even look at the sky with her eyes open which seemed like something physically impossible to Radwa in the natural shower of the clouds.

Gule wore the bangles, half on each arm, and jingled them together. "Kesi lag rahi hein?"

"Bakwas! Ab tumny apni chaand raat mana li ho tou chalein?" Her best friend taunted, ready to strangle her with those bangles.

"Acha acha. Tum tou aisy bol rahi ho abhi mujhy reer ky ly jao gi." Gule joked, interlinking their arms as Radwa quickly jerked away as if electroded.

"Cheepko mat." She complained making Gule shake her head. They started walking with Gule bumping their arms against each other with every step to annoy her. Radwa took off her glasses and clutched them in her hand.

She soon broke into chuckles trying to avoid Gule's arm and started running to avoid her with a laughing Gule right behind. The bazaar didn't have many people and they were almost by the end now.

Radwa spotted a black cat close to the end of the bazaar road interlinked with the street. She stopped running but Gule kept the chase and under her dangling wet shalwar, sticky kurti and a heavily drenched dupatta, she wore simple chappals. The glue of the chappal wasn't strong enough to stick in the pouring rain with all her running.

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