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"Desperate times ask for desperate measures." Shaheer smacked Hunain's back twice before handing the tool box to him. The rain didn't look like it had any intention of stopping soon. And they had to get the job done.

"Genuine." Hunain rolled his eyes. He was dressed up as the worker from the banner company. They were at the hotel. Following the girl. Stepping in the pouring rain, he shivered feeling the water drench him fully.

Today's plan was to scare her off. As far as they knew, she worked as a model. A thief breaking into her room would mean she needs security. The rest of the plan would come together later.

She was currently on the 4th floor, and it was a hotel consisting of 20 floors. Climbing down the rooftop was risky, since Shaheer had injured the heel of his foot due to a broken glass while practicing kickboxing. And it was raining, rising the danger of slipping.

They were setting up the ladder, at the front side of the hotel, pretending to hold up the banner for an advertisement. The waiting area was right upfront, and the girls there could get a view of them.

Shaheer was dressed in complete black, a black hat on his head, a black mask covering his face. The wetness of the rain could cause the ladder to fall.

"Holy moly." Hunain rubbed his nose, his attention everywhere but the task in hand. "Dekho Sherry, I can't do my job properly with all these pretty ladies ogling at me like that."

"You wish." Shaheer fixed the ladder, tightening it shut when the top reached the balcony of the fourth floor apartment, tossing the metallic object over to Hunain who stumbled to catch a hold of it on time. Clearing the watermarks from his forehead, he cracked the bones of his stiff neck muscles.

"Oye! I have the looks." He countered gaining back his cool posture, pretending as if the rain wasn't bothering him at all.

"You lack the most important thing though." Shaheer relaxed his shoulders now.

"What is that?"

"A likeable personality."

"Ouch. That was harsh."

"Just a reality check."

With a shake of head, he shook the ladder to check the strength. It needed to be held tightly from down here when he climbs up or it'll be jumpy causing him to lose grip and balance.

"Concentrate, gadhay." He just started climbing and he felt Hunain's grip loosening. He was quick to gain his composure and hold firmly from below.

Almost slipping twice on the injured foot and balancing himself on time, he reached the balcony. The curtains of the glass window were undone and the view he witnessed had him staggering. The girl was cladded in a big chaddar, standing with her back towards him, on a jaye namaz. She was praying.

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