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"Yarr! Shaheer, tum bohut bure ho!" Gule cried out in her half-asleep state, turning to her side and tucking the pillow over her head to hide her face under it.

"Sony do na." Her voice came out muffled as this time, instead of tugging at her blanket to wake her up, he bent to tickle her back with the tip of his two fingers.

Arching her back forward with a shriek, she harshly threw the pillow at him which he caught in his hand before it could hit his face. Spiderman reflexes for sure.

"Get up, lazy woman. It's two in the afternoon." He placed the pillow on the other end of the bed, shaking his head at her adorable antiques. Though, he could watch her sleep for hours.

It had been two weeks to their nikkah. Life was fast and busy. Nothing much had changed between them and Gule thought that their nikkah was just a formality to shift her to his house.

Their house, now, as he had corrected her when she'd seen the house for the first time and said, "Wah, tumhara ghar tou bohut khulla hai." It was a one story house, the exterior and interior of the house were coloured gray. The living area was almost empty making it seem wide, with one sofa and a settee by the wall and a TV set in front.

There were two rooms in the simple house, an open kitchen connected with the living area and another door which led downstairs towards the basement. The entire basement floor was a private gym for the man obsessed with working out. Gule had almost freaked out upon entering there.

Shaheer and Hunain had bought this house on mortgage when they'd gotten a job as ISI officers. They paid off the debt within fifteen months, most of which was Shaheer's investment due to the promotions he'd scored and the house had remained under Hunain's name after Shaheer got caught into the mess.

Hunain had kept the house the way it was and after Shaheer's return, they were sharing the house again. He had recently bought a flat for himself leaving the house in Shaheer's name who had paid him by giving him all his share of Zarar's money.

The room used by Hunain was empty while Shaheer's room had one queen sized bed, a dressing table and a study table with piles of papers, files and books, a full-length closet with another stack of papers in the lower part, a bunch of black shirts with a few grey and brown ones, lastly an attached bathroom. Monotonous and dull.

Although, Gule had changed the look of the house in a week. She'd hung her paintings on the walls of the lounge with Muriel Bagge's key chain hanging by the key holder near the main door. The settee was dragged to the corner and the sofa was in the middle with a small coffee table.

She'd changed the look of his dull room by hanging colourful paintings and the cherry on top was the big framed photo from their nikkah day, clicked by Radwa, where they were busy looking at each other.

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