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Gule folded the prayer mat after making du'a and placed it near the floor cushions. Her eyes brightened as she looked outside the window. The sky was filled with white clouds, the sun peeking and shining from among them making the day seem beautiful.

It reminded her of a certain someone and a smile made it's way on her face. The bell ringing made her come out of her daydream. Radwa was coming over after her classes so Gule herself rushed to open the door, stopping Neelofer baaji who was on her way to do it.

Gule and Radwa had completely different interests in studies. Gule was more of an artistic person, while Radwa was more into medical. She'd always wanted to become a doctor.

Thus, after they completed the four years of undergraduate, Gule said she didn't want to pursue arts as a career or study any further. The four years were already enough suffering for her. As Radwa continued with her medical school, unable to understand the sudden change in her best friend who had always wanted to meet new people and socialize more.

Gule shared every little detail of her life with Radwa. She'd never mentioned that incident infront of her, and it always ate her up on the inside. Her short-tempered friend's anger was going to be a hundred times multiplied on her for hiding it.

They were both seated in her room, Gule plopped on her stomach on the bed, while Radwa was walking around her room ranting about her work and the upcoming project trip.

"....ab mein soch rahi hun kisi sy pooch lun phir ussky according decide karun jana chahiye ya nai."

"Han dekh lo kya halaat hein, kya chal raha hai." Gule shrugged, distracted by the view on her phone.

"Jo bhi chal raha hai mein nai chal rahi unky saath." Radwa let out a sigh, shaking her head. Noticing the girl still so focused on her phone, she made her way on the bed.

"How long are you gonna stare at a photo of his back?" She smacked Gule out of her trance. Gule had already narrated the whole day's incidents to her, cutting out Idrees' appearance and his sweet revenge.

"Forever?" She cheekily grinned.

"I still can't believe it is the same guy now showing up as your bodyguard like? That's weird, really." Radwa's brows stuck together in suspicion and negative ideas.

"I think he was made for this job." Gule clapped her hands together, ignoring the look on Radwa's face.

"Ussky haath jo lagta hai, wo ussko nanga kar deta hai, like chill yarr." She sat up, her heels pressed under her hips, flipping the hair fallen to the front on her back.

"Tou tum ankhein band kar liya karo." Radwa replied in all seriousness. Gule rolled her eyes, giving her a done look.

"Honestly, Gul. I find him sus. Jahan tum hoti ho, har jagah kesy pohanch jata hai? What if he's some creepy stalker-"

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