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"Neelofer baaji!" Gule greeted the working lady upon entering the house, holding her hands and swirling them around, all excited. The older woman held her spinning head.

Radwa entered from behind and after saying a low salam, went straight ahead towards Gule's room. She couldn't be left alone in anger.

"Baba jaan so gaye?" Alerted, Gule asked in a hushed tone.

"Jee, bohut mushkil sy dawai dy kar solaya hai. Aap ka pooch rahy thy, meiny bata diya Radwa beti ky ghar gai hein." The woman responded with a motherly smile.

"Shukriya, baaji. Tussi great ho!" Gule gave her a thumbs up before rushing behind Radwa to her room.

She knew her father was going to give her an earful later when he wakes up in the evening, but she hoped he won't be angry for long this time. She could never guess the reason for his over-protectiveness towards her. Maybe, his health was another factor which added to it.

Upon entering her room, she found Radwa in her closet by the window. The view of the backyard from her window was spectacular. She could see the cleared sky visible with spirals of vibrant colours in a rainbow, which erased all her worried thoughts.

Knowing Radwa was changing into one of her dry clothes, she made her way to the washroom herself to wash her feet before anything.

Soon, they were both done freshening up and back in their dry comfortable clothes. She sat down on the floor cushions near the bed, wearing the khussa in her feet, and staring at them lovingly.

"Kitny pyaar sy kitny pyaary khussay ly kar diye hein." Her heart fluttered at the thought of him.

"Na jaan na pehchan, pyaar sy ly kar diye hein." Radwa copied her tone to mock her. Gule hugged her knees, staring at the simple maroon khussas, golden lace on the corners.

"Itna na ghooro ky hole ho jaye inn mein bhi." Radwa threw the giraffe plushie in her direction.

"Hamesha fazool baat hi karna." Gule caught it, placing the animal on her lap.

"Naam bhi nai bata kar gaya." She pouted disheartened. What could she call him? She couldn't just refer to him as any guy. He was special.

"PUMA!" Her brain cells clicked, as she remembered the shirt he was wearing. "That's what we'll call him."

Radwa gave her a look of disbelief.
"Why do we even need to give him a nickname?"

"Because I like him." Gule said in a duh tone.

"Gul, you've liked every guy you've ever met." Her best friend rolled her eyes, her back against the headboard of the bed.

"Yeh jhoot hai. Other than the fifteen celebrity crushes, I've only ever liked two guys." Gule denied.

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