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"Business tycoon, Ruman Haider Shah, the famous candidate for the upcoming mayor election has been taken in police custody this morning around 10. Sources say the allegations against him have been proven right and the police found........"

Gule pressed the mute button, dialing her father's number on her phone. He picked up after the fifth ring. After basic greetings and inquiry of his health, she asked if he'd seen the news yet. He indeed had. And he sounded fine, even happy.

With a relieved heart, she shut the call. Shaheer had unexpectedly texted her at 6 in the morning that he was out for some important work and she should stay in. Even if she wouldn't have found him at home upon waking up, it wasn't anything new for her. She didn't understand the purpose of his message, that too so early. He hadn't checked her reply.

She shrugged, she'll ask him when he'll be back. It was 12:30 PM and she had nothing to do in the empty house. Her sleep always got disturbed in periods, but it was better than having cramps according to Radwa. Getting reminded of the art festival, she decided to indulge herself in painting.

Shaheer walked into the familiar headquarters, the interior had changed with a lot of advancements. He was not expecting to be guided into the chief's room and hesitated before stepping in.

"Shaheer Junejo." He pointed at him to take a seat on the sofa. He was a middle-aged man, his hair had started turning white and Shaheer could see a difference in his vigour from a few years back. He used to be the chief when he worked for ISI and Shaheer had been one of his favourites.

"We've been watching you." He declared impassively, getting up from his revolving chair. Shaheer remained collected, not displaying any signs of shock. He'd considered that possibility many times. Shaheer Junejo believed that a gut feeling is never wrong. It was proven right, once again.

"Why was I being watched secretly? I doubt the ISI was too embarrassed to admit to have been fooled to incriminate their own spy?" He had relaxed on the sofa and asked humorlessly.

"Yes, I knew it wasn't you. We all know. We also know how you managed to escape out of jail one day before I could visit to tell you the GD killer had appeared again after withdrawing for four years." He said and this time Shaheer did get a shock.

"You were going to be vindicated in a day if," He left his sentence incomplete and sighed, shaking his head. Zarar Ahmed. Shaheer clenched his fists, his jaw ticking. He gaslit him emotionally to use him. Shaheer Junejo got reminded of Hunain's words, people and values are more important than missions.

"ISI doesn't mess with the politicians." The chief continued, and he was doing exactly that in his mission. "We decided to let you be and observe you silently. You were searching for the GD killer unofficially, with more passion. I was sure if someone ever catches him, it will be you. I was right."

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