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"Calm down, Jojo." Hunain munched on a packet of chips, his eyes following Shaheer's movements from left to right as he was sitting on the bike without a worry. It was amusing, since he'd never seen the man this anxious before. Ever.

"How much time has it been?" Shaheer placed his hands on the sides of his lower waist, looking in the direction of the faraway Shah house. The huge walls could be seen from where they stood near the jungle trees.

"Barely 15 minutes." Hunain looked at his watch, informing with his mouth filled with crisps.

"Is her location on?" He asked again. Hunain let out a sigh, his tongue moving to empty his mouth of any leftovers of the food he consumed, crumbling the empty packet in his hands.

"Yes boss." He checked through the GPS of his smart watch, fishing the crumbled packet into his pocket. Rule number one; do not litter, it leaves a trace of you being at the spot. And it's disgusting for the environment.

It was one day after the incident. Gule had narrated everything to her dad, a summarized version. Hunain had successfully hacked into the computer files of Ruman Haider Shah, but there were a million. Literally.

It would take them months to jot down all his dirty works and corrupt business deals. Most of all, to find the right way to expose it all to the world before getting caught by their hands.

It was a matter of time until the security found the chip in their system and located the buyer. They'd have to go into hiding, shift places before that happened. However, Gule joining them changed things.

If she'd manage to bring the chip before they found it, their identities could remain hidden for longer. It was Hunain's idea and Shaheer had been completely against the plan of letting her go back in there.

Gule being her stubborn self didn't back down. She knew her father was going to visit Ruman Haider Shah after she'd told him what Sameer had done, so she tagged along with him and here they were.

Shaheer had her turn on her location and in case of any emergency or danger they'd receive a signal through her location turning off.

"I had no idea that he wasn't Daniyal Khan." Gule spoke with a straight face, making sure not to give a single expression away. She clenched her phone with both her hands placed on her lap.

"I was told his file ID was delivered to you in hand which had his picture on it." Ruman Haider Shah responded, his voice thick with authority, tone stern and accusing.

"I just looked at my schedule and didn't bother to turn the page around to go through his profile." She lied while her heart was pounding out of her chest as sweet beads formed on her forehead.

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