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"Idrees?" Her mouth fell open in shock. The man in casual button up shirt with pants, a light stubble, neatly combed hair, paused in his tracks, giving her a confused look.

"It's me, Gule." She was astonished that he didn't recognize her.

"Oh?" His brows shot up, as he studied her coming closer to her table.

The same judgemental look. She squirmed uncomfortably under his gaze. Why did she have to blurt out everything in her loud voice?

"You look different." He commented after he was done analyzing her.

Of course, I do. Gule scoffed. She'd had her real glow up after university. After being judged and hurt. After she worked so hard on herself.

"It's great to see you here. May I?" His lips twisted into a strange smile as he gestured at the empty seat on her table. Gule nodded meekly.

"In fact, I ran into Mehek at the mall the other day." He told while settling on the chair.

"Oh, you mean the girl who always slept during commerce class?" The question popped in her mouth as an instantaneous reaction without thought.

"Yeah, her." He laughed and added, "Surprising coincidences." She forced herself to smile. She didn't want to be here anymore.

Her eyes shifted towards the counter, and made contact with those amber ones inspecting her face for signs of discomfort over the company seated with her now. Her heart melted, and her lips broke into a genuine smile.

"So, waiting for company?" Idrees inquired with interest. He'd never shown such interest in her back in those days though. She thought sourly.

"Yes. Just someone work-related. How about you?" Not that she was interested, she just asked out of politeness.

"A date with my girlfriend." He looked down at his wrist watch, shaking his head. "God, she always shows up late."

"Oh." Her eyes widened and once again, she couldn't stop her nosy mouth from speaking out her thoughts aloud. "I thought the rumors of you and Aroush getting married were true? I guess not."

"C'mon. We weren't even that serious. I don't even know who'd spread such sort of a rumor."

"You even skipped your basketball practice to help with her assignment and presentation, twice. If that isn't serious, I don't know what is."

"Well, I just did it out of courtesy. Doesn't mean I was hinting for marriage?"

"What can I say? The bar was on the floor, and you had the looks." Gule rambled out in the flow and instantly shut her mouth. "Sorry."

"Dumbo!" He rolled his eyes.

"OMG! Maths ke sir ki yaad dila di." Gule voiced out loudly. One thing about her, she could manage to get herself out of embarrassing situations by changing topics in a snap.

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