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Gule was captured. Imprisoned. By that amber eyed beast. Mind and soul. She could not stop thinking about him. She could not help but replay their whole encounter in her mind.

It even made her forget about what was about to happen if he wouldn't have showed up on time. He appeared like a fallen angel.

Gule was filled with so many curious questions about him, she thought she might go crazy. She had no idea who that man even was. She had named him 'Puma' in her mind now and she didn't know if she'd ever accept the fact that he actually has a real name which isn't PUMA.

She hadn't stopped talking about him to Radwa. A-fuming-with-violent-rage Radwa who was ready to break Sameer's bones and a-not-so-interested-in-puma Radwa since he pointed a freaking gun at her.

A week passed by, with Gule growing impatient and restless by each passing day. She was sure Sameer would have been questioned about his state, and Ruman had found out about him. Why was he quiet about it?

She could not talk to her baba about the incident. He was already ill, telling him something would only ruin his health and mental state.

Countless thoughts going on in her mind, she stood infront of the full length mirror, blinking at her form in the mirror. She was wearing a waist tight short black kurti, with a black loose shalwar. Her hair in a lose braid. The face mask on her face was drying.

"I don't care about my looks anymore. It doesn't matter. Mujhy koi farq nai parta." She was having another one of her usual self-talks. She was no more the insecure girl she had once become.

The girl obsessed with losing weight and becoming better looking. She had started following all health care tips. Developed a skin care routine. Exercised till she over-worked herself and till her body drained out of energy.

She shut her eyes and those amber eyes appeared looking like a perfect dream. Did he judge her too like all of them had?

No. He didn't even eye her. She knew what a judgemental look was. She knew it a little too well. Her insides twisted at the thought.

"Gul beta. Aapky baba bula rahy hein aapko." Neelofer baaji announced from behind the closed room door and Gule rocked out of the bitter thoughts.

"Jee, unki walk ka time hai, aati hun mein." She answered back, taking her face mask off. Grabbing her thin see-through dupatta, she draped it over her shoulders then rushed towards the front lawn.

"Baba jaan." Giving her best believable happy smile, she back-hugged her father who was sitting on the wheelchair. His hair had turned grey too early, his face had wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, his figure had bloated due to all the medicines intake over the years.

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