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"Daniyal?" Gule reluctantly called out, as he had turned around to leave. He closed his eyes.

He didn't like her calling him by that name. Suno sounded like a much better option now. He was almost accustomed to it.

"Why did your friend call you sherry?" She questioned. His eyes snapped open, she had heard.

That dumb piece of egg shell. "He has a habit of giving dumb nicknames." He turned back towards her, staring straight into her eyes. He wasn't lying. Jojo was the dumbest nickname one could ever come up with.

Gule thoughtfully pressed her lips together. "Han wesy, nicknames tou jesy marzi ho sakty hein. Mein bhi tou tumhy PUMA-" Her mouth stilled midway as she exposed her own brainless existence. She should just tape her mouth forever.

"PUMA?" He raised a brow at her. Gule cleared her throat, scratching her neck, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. "As in the brand?" He squinted his eyes.

"Nai!" Gule instantly rejected the idea. God, this was so embarrassing. What would he think of her if he knew she'd named him after a brand he was wearing the first time they met?

"Why would I name you after a brand?" She nervously giggled and Shaheer saw right through her lie. "It's an abbreviation. YES!" She exclaimed and he raised both his brows, waiting for her to continue.

"Passionate," she folded her index finger. "Under," second finger. "Major," three down, what was left again. A? "Abs-" Utter embarrassment flashed through her being as she instantly stuttered, "-Action! Action! Yes."

Shabash, Gul. Could the ground split open and swallow her whole in right then and there?! She flushed red.

He bit the insides of his cheeks to keep a poker face at her blunt slip. "I see." He looked down, rubbing his forehead, hiding his face from her view. "I should get going."

He swiftly took a step towards the gate, but Gule stopped him once again.

"Puma, ab mujhy bhi do." She stepped froward to maintain the same distance.


"Nickname aur kya." She replied back easily. "Matlab meiny diya hai tou tum bhi dy lo." She put her embarrassment aside for a while, waiting for his response. Shaheer simply stood there, blank.

She began rambling about her nicknames, "aur dekho, gul tou mujhy sab bulaty hein, tou tum kuch ala-"

"Gulunu." He said in a low husky voice. It took a moment for Gule to catch the word. She was so thrilled, she almost shrieked aloud. This was the best nickname someone had ever called her by. The butterflies in her tummy danced around in bliss as her heart went on a spree of somersaulting.

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