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Shaheer had come across two guards standing with their back towards the door at a distance. One had his rifle to the front side in his hand, the other had it hanging on his shoulder at the back.

He went for the latter man, grabbing his rifle and pulling it with full force taking him by shock. The other guard tightened his hold on the rifle, bolting forward to attack Shaheer.

Before he could hit the target, Shaheer dodged it, twirling to the other side and giving him a high flying kick on the chest. The man staggered backwards, grunting, when his back crashed into the edge of the shelf, dropping the decoration pieces on display.

The second guard thrashed forward to strike him with a punch in the stomach and Shaheer was a second late to avoid it. The impact? It wasn't even hard enough to have him double over in pain. He had seen worse. He had experienced pain. His steeled body was now almost numb to physical aggression.

He whacked him hard on the head with his ripped off rifle and he grumbled in sheer pain holding his busted head, falling backwards near the stairs.

He turned to watch the other guard get into the elevator, fear visible on his face, holding his injured back. How was this coward a guard? He had a walkie talkie in his hand, and Shaheer knew he was trying to call for more security team members.

"Such useless guards." He kicked the unconscious body, as it rolled down the stairs, leaving stains of blood on the steps. He was about to throw the rifle, but paused and checked. It was, in fact, empty as he had said.

He imagined those wide coffee brown orbs with a proud look on his face for being right.

Quickly shaking his head to dump the crazy eyes, he rushed down the stairs, skipping three at a time. He could not get caught here.

He had to sneak out towards the front side to get Hunain. It was dangerous, but he couldn't let the dumb guy look suspicious standing by the ladder he had climbed up from.

"Oh shit." A distracted Hunain exclaimed when Shaheer grabbed a fistful of his fake mechanic's uniform jacket, tearing it off him while his eyes were in every direction prying for any signs of danger as he pushed Hunain backwards.

"Sherry yarr!" Hunain whined trying to free himself from the jacket and his violent hands.

"Mein ek shareef banda hun." He dusted off his clothes following Shaheer as they ducked next to the wall leading to the backside.

"Tumhara aur shareef ka door door tak koi taluq nai hai." Shaheer said as a matter of fact. They reached the backside, and took turns to jump off the wall.

As he had expected, the front side had a car of guards show up and they had successfully avoided them. "Kya kar ky aaye ho tum?" Hunain questioned as they ran away towards the empty ground a few feet away where they had parked the motorbike.

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