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They were on their way back with her stealing side glances his way every minute. Maybe sitting at the back was a better option, she could stare at the back of his head shamelessly the whole time. Of course, at his bewitching amber eyes through the rear-view mirror as well.

"Tumhy bolna nai pasand?" She asked turning towards him, "matlab baatein hi nai karty, na hasty ho. Apny friends aur behen bhaiyon ky saath tou karty ho gy. Ya unsy bhi bass larty rehty ho?" She added jokingly, but his posture became stiff. She bit her lip realizing she might've sounded like she was judging his personality when she did not even know anything about him or his life.

"Mein tumhary baary mein koi judgement nai pass kar rahi, but I'm just curious, you know?" She quickly cleared out. There was no response and she felt worse for not keeping her mouth shut.

"I am an orphan with no siblings." He drawled in a dead voice. Gule reflexively gasped, placing a hand over her mouth. She felt her heart constrict in sadness.

"I'm so sorry." She whispered. She was such a featherbrained jahil who forgot her boundaries in frankness. Why didn't she keep her mouth zipped and had to say all that.

The rest of the way went by silently. Gule's mind and heart weren't in solace though. She didn't know what had happened to his family or how had his life been, but she could see he had grown up to be an amazing person.

If his mother were alive today, she'd be proud of her son. It reminded her of her own life. Although her mother was alive, but she'd never had a mother. In a way, she was an orphan too.

She wondered what was more painful? Losing her mother forever to another world, or looking at her turn into a stranger after abandoning her?

The answer was with Allah, who is the best of planners. Whatever happens in this life is always for the best. If she'd have lived with her mother, she might've become into a worldly person who she expected her to be. Losing her mother was how she found her Allah.

"Death is a part of life. Or maybe death is what life is. We don't know when we or someone we hold dear to us leaves forever. Everyone eventually has to leave." She spoke in a low voice, blinking her eyes rapidly to dry out the tears.

Shaheer clenched his jaw, feeling a whirlpool of agonizing emotions rising up in his chest. Your mother could've been saved. She could've been alive right now if...The words replaying in his mind.

They arrived at her house as he stopped the car almost roughly by pressing his foot on the brake.

"Har cheez mein khair hoti hai, bass uss time humy andaza nai hota." Gule looked at him, passing a heavy-hearted smile.

All it took was acceptance. She had accepted the way her life had turned out to be, she accepted the fact that her mother had abandoned her, she accepted the fact that her father's disorder was interminable, that every hardship life threw at her was going to make her stronger and remind her that this world was not going to last forever. There was an end to it.

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