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White clouds spread over the sky in various forms and shapes, hiding the sun somewhere amongst them as the winds consumed the air leading the afternoon to be fresh and chilly.

Draped in white cotton dupatta over her white frock with a matching plazo, Gule took strolls in the garden barefoot on the grass, enjoying the breeze while awaiting for her call to be picked up.

"Kidher ho tum?" She attacked him with the question as soon as her heartthrob picked up the call.

"Kidher hona chahiye?" He responded copying her tone.

His habit of replying to questions with another question was starting to grow on her. It was impressive. And she definitely knew how to answer them now.

"Asoolan tou mery paas hona chahiye." She smugly responded taking him completely off guard. After a moment of silence, he cleared his throat. "I had to go somewhere else, I'll be at your place soon."

Gule pondered over where he could be, but she chose not to invade his privacy by asking and kept her curiosity aside. "Okay. See you. Jaldi aao." She finished saying and as expected, he ended the call right after without a word. "Bye kehna tou seekha hi nai hai na issny. But he's pretty so I'll let it slide."

It was Friday and she had gotten up early even though she'd talked to Radwa on call till late night. When she went to her father's room she found out Neelofer baaji had informed him about Shaheer's visit.

Her father's reaction was something she'd not expected. She was discussing how his reports did not look good and she needed to visit the doctor herself when he had asked her, "Do you like that boy?"

She'd gone quiet, cheeks flushing red. "I'd like to think about tying the knot depending on your answer." Her father had weakly smiled seeing her nod. "Invite him over today." She was taken aback but rushed out of the room with a fast beating heart.

Tie the knot? Shaheer and her? Was her father really not against it? Never in a million years she'd expected it to unfold so smoothly. She had not talked about her feelings with her father, fearing what his reaction would be. Negative thoughts of his emotional state worsening always stopped her.

Who knew he'd initiate the conversation himself? When inviting Shaheer over, she was not sure how her father would talk to him, but she was sure about one thing. If he's going to reject her, she'd rather have her heart-broken now officially than later any other way.

She was extremely nervous, but looking forward to it too. She'd made a special dua after praying and she had a positive feeling that whatever was going to happen would be good for her.

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