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"Kitni happening ho gai hai meri life!" Gule dramatically announced, moving her arm to place a hand over her mouth, causing her best friend to scold her as she smacked her arm trying to pin her bridal dupatta over her shoulder.

Her movement had caused the heavy material to slide down her shoulder, misplacing it once again. Radwa had been trying to fix it since the past twenty five minutes, but Gule could not sit still for the life of her.

"Ab tum hil ky dikhao mujhy!" Radwa warned as Gule mouthed a 'sorry' with a not-so-sorry looking mischievous grin. Her hair were neatly put together in a tight bun which was wrapped in a garland of jasmine flowers.

Adorned with a tika on her head, heavy jhumkas, a shiny necklace, a set of ten bangles on each of her arms, which were all in a jewellery set given to her by her father.

The sleeves of her embroidered kurti were finger loop style, hooked in her middle fingers, so she was only wearing a ring on her right index finger, leaving the rest empty. The mehendi on her hands was also simple, giving her a very elegant bridal look.

She was wearing a pearl white sharara, which had intricate designs etched in it, including beads of multiple colors like golden, green, pink, which ironically showcased her bright personality.

She had make-up streaking her face. She wanted to get ready by herself for her most special day. In her modelling career, she'd observed several make-up artists' applying make-up on the models.

Though she preferred faceless shoots being a shoe model, it was not in her control to span out of them if they were planned for her. However, she enjoyed learning new make-up tips from those professionals. Her interest in arts intrigued her interest in make-up.

She was exceptionally good at it and Radwa always praised her for it. In fact, Gule had done bridal make-up for two of Radwa's MBBS friends on their wedding day. So there was no way she'd let anyone else take the chance on her day.

She'd used shades of pink, giving herself a natural look. Perfect eyeliner wings on her eyes, layers of mascara made her curled lashes look longer and prominent, pink highlighted cheeks and her lips a darker shade of pink than they naturally were.

She stared at her reflection in the mirror. A bride was staring back at her. A girl who had never imagined herself as one, so soon.

The caged girl was free from the clutches of that man now. She'd never have to model again. The insecure girl was setting herself free now. She'd won the man she wanted.

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